UKIP has invaded my home town

Farage meme

Most of the UK watched the Leaders debate this week and unfortunately UKIP were part of it. The,quite frankly racist, party showed themselves up again in the form of Farage, on basically every issue he blamed immigration or the EU, after a while I tuned out to his answers.

After shoving the nasty little man and his followers in the back of my brain imagine, you can imagine how shocked I was to find that a UKIP office had popped up in my home town. I was shocked, angry and in awe that the people of my town had let this monstrosity come to be. I’m not going to lie, I’m also a little terrified that they must have backing here although I don’t understand how.

I hope more than anything they never get into power in this country, because if they do we can kiss what we know as freedom, community and happiness goodbye.

My Big Mouth: Zoella who? Ghost Writers should get credit!

Publishers Penguin has said Zoe 'Zoella' Sugg, 24, 'did not write the book Girl Online on her own,' but did not confirm that the sales success was ghostwritten

Teen Blogger Zoella with a copy of Girl online (photo belongs from Daily Mail Website).

 Teen blogger Zoella Sugg was in headline this week after her debut book had outsold J.K Rowling. For someone so young an inexperienced to beat a much loved author means this young girl must have some talent…except penguin have now announced that the novel was not written by Zoella, instead by a ghost writer, although jumping to Zoella’s defence her fans are content because she came up with the plot.

For a long time the thought of ghost writers have upset and angered me. The process of writing a book (especially one to sell this many copies upon release) makes me feel very disappointed as a writer.  I have hundreds of ideas in my head for plots, if someone managed to create that into an incredible novel, I’d be a little peeved but I wouldn’t say nope it’s all mine. The hours of writing it takes to create a novel (and believe me I’ve tried) is something that deserves recognition. While some fans claim she was honest about it the whole way through and that means it’s ok. What about the author! Could this not have been a collaborative effort? Instead of simply putting Zoella’s name on the cover why not the names of both of them?

In my opinion this sends out a bad message to kids, if you have an idea get someone else to do the hard work for you and then get all the attention and money from it. It’s not how the real world works, a world of hard work and determination and yet we are willing to look the other way, I for one am not. Another famous name to have her own novel is model Katie Price, a.k.a Jordan. Katie brings out a new book every few years and ,like Zoella, claims that she only comes up with the plot and lets someone else write if for her. We’re not talking about getting help on an autobiography but writing novel after novel and putting her own name on them as well as getting the profits for it.

Glamour model Katie Price has published numerous books under her name,

all of which have been ghostwritten (image from Daily Mail website). 

While many call on me for being too harsh on Zoella and can’t understand why I get irritated by this news I say to them take the best piece of work you’ve ever done, now imagine someone else gave you that idea and they get all the credit. Doesn’t feel too great does it? Writers don’t choose to have their own name abolished form a creation but they do it because they want their work out there and it’s damn hard for authors to do. I will say this though, to the real author of Girl Online, I hope you go on to get the recognition you deserve.

My Big Mouth: ‘Boy or Girl?’

While out with my sister today I was really surprised by a gender division issue when shopping for the most ridiculous things. When trying to buy a birthday badge we were asked oh is it for a male or female, after saying female we were given a pink badge instead of being told colours (never mind the fact this girl is a tomboy). Then again later in the day going for a bite to eat I ordered my sister a kids meal and was asked is the meal for a boy or a girl, again I answered girl and was given an incredibly feminine toy instead of a much cooler car/plane toy which actually did things.

I’m not going on a feminist rant here but it seems really trivial to give girls pink and boys blue. As a kid I may have had a barbie bedroom but I wanted action men too and while the boys played Army in the woods, I was the leader of that army. Even now, it’s only in the last year I’ve been considered ‘one of the girls’ instead of ‘one of the lads’.

I’ve known this divide exists for a long time but twice in one day? Oh and my little cousin saying he wanted a ‘boys colour’ not a ‘girls colour’, I thought that in 2014 we could let kids be what they wanted to be. I’m not saying get rid of all pink and blue and pretend all toys are gender neutral, they’re not. Most, not all, of the time boys will go for Nerf guns over a doll but then girls also became interested and now there are pink ones. With flowers on. I’m sorry what? Another example I saw via Facebook was of a 5 year old boys Frozen themed party, he loved it but other parents thought it was wrong for him to have the theme, deeming it girly. Since when? There isn’t a little kid I know that hasn’t watch Frozen and there are guys in it, Olaf the Snowman is supposedly male…well for a snowman. So why the hell are these kids being told what to like?

I’m hoping that by the time I have kids, way into the future (sorry Mum) people will respect my wishes to let them play with whatever they want. I don’t want to have a girl and smother her in pink or a boy who is only given blue, maybe I won’t tell people at all so I wont get things that are ‘suitable’ for either. I respect parents who let their kids play with what they want and what makes them happy because isn’t that all kids want, to be happy?

My Big Mouth: Is it that much of a big deal?


Me and the Mr….well sort of 

Hey ho, we have gotten to this point in time! I’ve shared a flat with Ali for 3 months now and we haven’t killed each other, hurrah! For us, moving in together was just a logical step and a thing that we decided to do. Was I nervous? Yes. I’m fully aware I can be a total pain in the arse to live with and I was also aware that he is a grouch when he hasn’t slept. While it isn’t amazingly different for us after getting used to each other being around a lot of our friends are still intrigued that we live together.

My question is why is it such a big deal? We love each other, we used to spend nearly every weekend together so what’s the big fuss? We’ve been together long enough that we know we’re stable. I have so many cries from friends of ‘oh I don’t know how you do it! I could never live with my other half!’, other friends crack out the ‘when are you getting engaged?’ questions and want to know intricate details of of wedding which I haven’t thought that much about or planned…shock horror.

I’ve said time and time again on here that I’m happy where I am now. I genuinely am, we’re happy with each other just the way things are. I have a place at a great uni, a job I love and friends that mean the world to me, why would I spend time fantasising about my wedding? I can assure you it’s not because I’m work obsessed but I’ve just turned 20 years old and everyone is so keen to marry me off!

Moving in together, getting married they both seem like the things you do if you’re in love and when your in that place they are a big step but I don’t think the person living it get’s half as shocked than those around them. Would I say yes if he asked? Of course I would but I’d also be shocked as to why he was asking while we were still in uni. We can’t even afford a cat right now let alone a wedding!

So right now I’m happy that we’re both slightly mad 20 somethings enjoying uni, finding out what we want to do for work and just enjoying being us and loving each other, faults and all. So don’t count on wedding bells in the next year or two!

Girls are weird

As you all may have noticed this piece has gone into the ‘my big mouth’ section of my blog. This is the part where I air my opinion and expect to get a bollocking from at least one person for it. Well this one should be a good one, that or I’ll be murdered in my sleep by angry women… 

I spend a lot of time with guy friends for example Joe, Ben, Rhys and others. At one point or another they all ask me the same question (not these boys in particular just general boys) ‘Why are girls so weird?’ I wish I knew the real answer to this or I could even explain it but the truth is boys, I agree with you. I think women in general are fucking weird. There are so many things to learn about girls and then there are sub groups, and then there are rules, and then there are the ones who think they are oppressed by EVERYTHING. You can tell by the amount of commas that my brain went into overdrive there. That is what it is like for men all the time. 

Don’t get me wrong I’ve met some lovely girls/women in my life and they can make me feel better than my guy friends occasionally. I’m telling you now though all the normal girls will admit that women have something in them that makes them go crazy. No boys, not their periods. It’s kinda like the whole thing with men and their man caves, that is also a real thing (the man in my life just happens to call it his recording studio…even if he sometimes uses it to watch videos on Reddit). Anyway, back to my point. It’s not always a bad kind of crazy ( but I have definitely experienced that  in the last year) but women are just complicated creatures to be honest.

Ok so lets take the body thing. I really feel for you men because there is NO RIGHT ANSWER stop trying to find it because until you find her you’re not even going to get close. My boyfriend has been with me 5 and a half years and even he can’t figure me out sometimes. Ok so as well as trying to be honest when they are asked how something looks they also have to deal with period drama. No not Downton Abbey but well, there is a lot of drama going down. Anyway, ask any girl and she’ll say that 90% of the time that she doesn’t even know how she feels when it’s her ‘time of the month’ (most irritating phrase ever) so how the bloody hells is a man supposed to know. Oh and then there are the girls who just wont take compliments, not in a low self esteem way, in a I’m looking for attention way. 

And then there is todays problem, the baby example. What is with girls and babies? What is with 16-19 year old girls and babies. I’ll admit I went through the stage where I thought they were the most adorbale thing ever and of course children were the best thing about life blah blah blah. Now they terrify me a little bit. Actually no it’s not babies that terrify me it’s having to grow one and then get it out of your body (niether way is ‘beautiful’ or pleasant, it’s all pretty gross) or in fact when it kicks and looks like it’s going to break out like a scene in alien. I know so many people with babies and I love my cousins and my friends kids, they’re great but the thought of me having one terrfies me. You are responsible for a whole other person! When I decide to have my own kids I’m sure I wont try and stick it in a rucksack or whatever but I really hope I don’t become a zombie ‘yummy mummy’. I want to still be able to see a band once in a while, still go to Nandos and not have to leave because of a screaming toddler. I hope I’ll read this in 10 years time and agree with myself, I might still think women are weird.

Anyway as you can probably tell my lovely readers I struggle with women my own age, not through a lack of trying I may add! I don’t understand make up, I wear whatever I want and I have pretty weird music tastes. For example my favourite Christmas song at the moment, Fairytale of New York by the Pogues, the only person in my Creative Writing class that understood how amazing it was was a guy…the girls wanted to listen to the Michael Buble album (which is pretty nice but you know, Fairytale of New York!).  If however you lovely ladies out there would like to adopt and try to convert me into being a ‘real girl’ you are welcome to give it a shot, I still can’t work it out after 19 years of trying. 

Please only apply if you are ok with the following, male approved,activities. 

– Burping 

– Snorting when  I laugh 

– Eating junk food

– Being honest (not ‘girl politics’) 

– Not being a radical feminist

Girls who definitely currently apply to this i.e  Amy, Sammy, Sonia, Lucy (s), Grace, Erin thank you for being women who give me hope in females (y).


Opinion piece: Should we boycott Lost Prophet’s music?



Music fan or not you cannot fail to have noticed todays news that Lost Prophets singer Ian Watkins has pleaded guilty to child abuse charges,including the intent to rape a baby. Although this has come as little surprise to some the initial allegations have shocked both the music world and the general population to their core. The worrying thing is that now the name Lost Prophets has now been dragged through the mud and as social media shows, it is clear they will never regain their former glory. 

Within minutes of the guilty plea Twitter and Facebook appeared to explode with a hatred for not only Watkins but also the band itself. Although not a hardcore fan, I myself, would find it difficult to listen to Lost Prophets due to it being his voice through my ears. I find it silly though that people who have never even encountered the band are now slamming Lost Prophets not Watkins on his own. This is a common problem when one person in a band (particularly the front man or woman) becomes the centre of negative attention, they often are seen as ‘the band’ let alone the other 4 members. 

What people don’t understand is that when making it to the level that Lost Prophets did there is a lot of hard work from all members. Going into a studio and making a best selling album is simply ‘done’. So now Jamie Oliver, Lee Gaze, Luke Johnson, Mike Lewis and Stu Richardson have all not only had to question someone they thought they knew but they have also lost what they had spend over a decade building, because of one selfish individual. 

My argument is that although Watkins is now a convicted paedophile, that does not mean that all of Lost Prophets have something to be ashamed of. The remaining members have lost their band and the reputation of that band for something they could not control. If you listen to the fans they all say the same thing, ‘if you move on without him we would still support you’. So just to put it out there guys, Lost Prophets was not just one man, there are four very talented others. And you know what? I can’t wait to see what they do next. 


Should an NHS fee be introduced for all non UK residents?

I was born in 1994, my birth (like my sister and all my cousins) was in an NHS hospital meaning luckily our healthcare came out of our taxes and mothers would not be charged for giving birth in a clean and professional environment. It came to my attention today that many other women can travel to the UK to avoid paying in their own countries. Some people would argue that women can go into labour early and I understand that part it’s not a fault of the women if they go into unexpected labour! However there is a much more sinister side to this, I found out today that anyone can come to the UK and receive free medical treatment. There are a lot of people who are travelling to the UK to gain access to our healthcare system while unfortunately we are paying the price.

In latest news the British government are proposing that in order to enter the UK you must pay at least £200 towards healthcare costs. In my opinion I do not feel this is enough, £200 is not a lot in the case of many treatments and appointments. When you can see the strain that the NHS is under at the moment I wonder why this hasn’t been done long ago. To travel to other countries from the UK you must have travel insurance and to move to countries like the USA or Australia health checks and travel insurance. I cannot even begin to understand why we are not stronger on this! We can’t simply keep giving to everyone else and watch our country crumble around us. It is not only healthcare we are far too free in many ways, benefits for example are another problem.  Some people are calling this racist but I don’t see it that way, people should come here either with money or job prospects just as we are expected to when visiting/moving other countries. 

For once I think this government has a point (and I am not a fan at all normally). There has also been a call for NHS ID cards, also not a bad idea (although I may lose one because I am hopeless with cards). It has also been made clear that in the case of emergencies people will not be simply turned away they will be treated (STI’s will also be treated to stop any infections) so it is not unreasonable. I feel that this could be a good idea, we should not try and stop people from moving into the UK. Some of our greatest doctors,nurses,lawyers etc are from other countries and some of our brightest students, however we must be as strong other countries in this situation. 


I need to point out that in this blog is all my own opinions. 

Thanks for reading! 🙂