Should an NHS fee be introduced for all non UK residents?

I was born in 1994, my birth (like my sister and all my cousins) was in an NHS hospital meaning luckily our healthcare came out of our taxes and mothers would not be charged for giving birth in a clean and professional environment. It came to my attention today that many other women can travel to the UK to avoid paying in their own countries. Some people would argue that women can go into labour early and I understand that part it’s not a fault of the women if they go into unexpected labour! However there is a much more sinister side to this, I found out today that anyone can come to the UK and receive free medical treatment. There are a lot of people who are travelling to the UK to gain access to our healthcare system while unfortunately we are paying the price.

In latest news the British government are proposing that in order to enter the UK you must pay at least £200 towards healthcare costs. In my opinion I do not feel this is enough, £200 is not a lot in the case of many treatments and appointments. When you can see the strain that the NHS is under at the moment I wonder why this hasn’t been done long ago. To travel to other countries from the UK you must have travel insurance and to move to countries like the USA or Australia health checks and travel insurance. I cannot even begin to understand why we are not stronger on this! We can’t simply keep giving to everyone else and watch our country crumble around us. It is not only healthcare we are far too free in many ways, benefits for example are another problem.  Some people are calling this racist but I don’t see it that way, people should come here either with money or job prospects just as we are expected to when visiting/moving other countries. 

For once I think this government has a point (and I am not a fan at all normally). There has also been a call for NHS ID cards, also not a bad idea (although I may lose one because I am hopeless with cards). It has also been made clear that in the case of emergencies people will not be simply turned away they will be treated (STI’s will also be treated to stop any infections) so it is not unreasonable. I feel that this could be a good idea, we should not try and stop people from moving into the UK. Some of our greatest doctors,nurses,lawyers etc are from other countries and some of our brightest students, however we must be as strong other countries in this situation. 


I need to point out that in this blog is all my own opinions. 

Thanks for reading! 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Should an NHS fee be introduced for all non UK residents?

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