Opinion piece: Should we boycott Lost Prophet’s music?



Music fan or not you cannot fail to have noticed todays news that Lost Prophets singer Ian Watkins has pleaded guilty to child abuse charges,including the intent to rape a baby. Although this has come as little surprise to some the initial allegations have shocked both the music world and the general population to their core. The worrying thing is that now the name Lost Prophets has now been dragged through the mud and as social media shows, it is clear they will never regain their former glory. 

Within minutes of the guilty plea Twitter and Facebook appeared to explode with a hatred for not only Watkins but also the band itself. Although not a hardcore fan, I myself, would find it difficult to listen to Lost Prophets due to it being his voice through my ears. I find it silly though that people who have never even encountered the band are now slamming Lost Prophets not Watkins on his own. This is a common problem when one person in a band (particularly the front man or woman) becomes the centre of negative attention, they often are seen as ‘the band’ let alone the other 4 members. 

What people don’t understand is that when making it to the level that Lost Prophets did there is a lot of hard work from all members. Going into a studio and making a best selling album is simply ‘done’. So now Jamie Oliver, Lee Gaze, Luke Johnson, Mike Lewis and Stu Richardson have all not only had to question someone they thought they knew but they have also lost what they had spend over a decade building, because of one selfish individual. 

My argument is that although Watkins is now a convicted paedophile, that does not mean that all of Lost Prophets have something to be ashamed of. The remaining members have lost their band and the reputation of that band for something they could not control. If you listen to the fans they all say the same thing, ‘if you move on without him we would still support you’. So just to put it out there guys, Lost Prophets was not just one man, there are four very talented others. And you know what? I can’t wait to see what they do next. 


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