I survived second year! – 10 best bits

I did it! I’ve reached the end of the second year of my blog and second year of university. As of tomorrow it will be September again and I’ll be heading back to uni at the end of the month to take on my third year!

This year has been pretty special I’ve learnt a lot and changed a lot. I’ve lived with Ali for over a year now, I was finally allowed to join full field English Literature, made more friends than I thought I possibly would, made a good dent in my mental health recovery, been generally happier, played a load of shows with the boys, took up a sport for the first time since I was 9, won a KU Talent Award, got another job that I love, travelled for uni and broken a part of my back. If that isn’t a crazy year I don’t know what is. I’ve absolutely loved second year. I’m not going to say there weren’t point when I really struggled, because I did but the difference is that I had more people to support me through this year than I have in a long time.

I could write so much about every aspect of second year because it’s been one of the greatest, no matter how it ended. I’ve made new friends and stayed in touch with some others and the thought that I’m going into my last year of undergrad is scary! So for you all tonight I’ve put 10 of my best bits of second year and I’ll remember it with warm memories for the rest of my life.


  1. I finally got my two little adorables this year, Noodle and Hamski. Even if they have had to be separated now I’m so in love with both of them ❤

2015-07-12 11.01.07

2. No People Club played a lot this year. We spent a lot of our weekends loading up my little car and driving to shows in London, Kingston, Basingstoke and Portsmouth. I’m gutted we had to take a break while my spine healed but we’ve got more stuff planned for the next year and it’s going to be awesome. We also have our awesome fan and sticker guy, one of my best friends Joe, who’s stuck around too.


3. My second tattoo finally happened! When I found out I wouldn’t be going to Foo Fighters because they’d sold out of disabled tickets I was heartbroken so I got this tattoo instead. I’ve been very up and down this year and not as stable as I’d like but I’m assured that most people would have lows after a big break and spinal brace let alone someone with depression.


4. I got to go to Athens. I was so, so thankful to be given the opportunity to go to Athens and not have to pay the Creative Writing course fee. Although I was supposed to be going on my own initially, Ali got to come with me because I was still using my wheelchair and not able to move as much. A fab first holiday and it got my creative brain going!


5. I got my KU Talent award for Overcoming Adversity to Achieve, awarded to be by Sir Trevor McDonald who I actually had a great conversation with while we were sitting at the same table. I’m still gobsmacked I won as there were so many amazing people. I’m so proud that I now work for KU Talent and will get to attend this years awards too!


6. I started Horse Riding! In October I had my first ride and I was hooked. I had a great 6 months before my fall, including meeting this cutie who really stole my heart. Even though I still have a long way to go in terms of recovery and I don’t know if I’ll go back to riding, but I’ve been voted to run the society this year so I’ll be around the horses anyway. I also made an amazing friend in Laura, who’s been with me every step of the way.


7. I gave a speech about living with mental health for the university’s diversity conference. It was a great way to connect with people and share my experience and if you want to watch you can click here to watch.


8. I finished second year with a 66% average, a 2:1. I’m slightly bummed out that I dropped a few percent from last year but I surprised myself with some assignments. It’s made me even more determined to get what I need to get a first this year.


9. I had some absolutely amazing friends by my side through everything. Here’s a picture of me and the girls as Alissa’s birthday meal, my first outing in my wheelchair which they managed to make fun!


10. I got to live with a boy, and I still kind of like him.

Oh and a sneaky 11, I’m still working and awesome job and I’ve got another one, always fun!

Last Day of Placement/ Pre night out nerves



A lesson plan I wrote up… I ended up not using it!

I wrote earlier in the week about the fact that I’ve decided not to become a teacher any time soon. I finished my placement today and had a fairly easy day and I still feel the same. The 15 days that I’ve done have made me realise that I love working with children but I couldn’t be a teacher. I want to work with children but on a smaller scale, maybe even as a teaching assistant? I also didn’t get the feedback I wanted which is a shame but that’s not to say I wouldn’t go back and work in a school again.

This is just a quick and early blog tonight because I’m finally going out with some girls! The lovely Daniela invited me to meet some of the girls who will be in full field English with me next year and I’m really nervous. Let’s hope my bowling skills are up to the task!

Last day but still so much to do

Today was my last day of first year! All my classes are over and technically apart from submissions online I’m on my summer holidays, what a weird feeling to have in March. Unlike my fellow students I am back at Ali’s flat by midnight, not because I didn’t want to party but because I wanted to just curl up and sleep and get away from very rude boys at the SU (although I’m sure if Rhys had caught them they wouldn’t have been so cocky).

To put it lightly for a last day it’s been stressful I hate being a downer but I didn’t enjoy myself today. I’ve been feeling up and down all day and the downs have slightly taken over, it didn’t help that only one person in Creative Writing wished me a nice summer, and I did him, he’s a nice guy. I do wish I’d made more friends in those classes but at the same time it doesn’t matter. I made it through a year of the classes and now if all goes to plan I get to switch to English Lit and the stress will be worth it… I hope. So why so sad you ask? Well housing is driving me mad and I’ve had both some positive and negative responses about the blog lately. People are saying its a world wide web diary. It’s not. It’s me trying to share my experiences and help others through their own with what has worked for me. If this was a diary it would be a lot more angry haha!

So between feeling a bit lonely about my CW course, confused about what I’m meant to do now classes are over and generally tired and stressed about housing and second year all I really want right now is to curl up in bed with a nice cup of tea and try not to worry about one looming deadline in particular…

Here’s to tomorrow, my first day of summer…apparently!