Last day but still so much to do

Today was my last day of first year! All my classes are over and technically apart from submissions online I’m on my summer holidays, what a weird feeling to have in March. Unlike my fellow students I am back at Ali’s flat by midnight, not because I didn’t want to party but because I wanted to just curl up and sleep and get away from very rude boys at the SU (although I’m sure if Rhys had caught them they wouldn’t have been so cocky).

To put it lightly for a last day it’s been stressful I hate being a downer but I didn’t enjoy myself today. I’ve been feeling up and down all day and the downs have slightly taken over, it didn’t help that only one person in Creative Writing wished me a nice summer, and I did him, he’s a nice guy. I do wish I’d made more friends in those classes but at the same time it doesn’t matter. I made it through a year of the classes and now if all goes to plan I get to switch to English Lit and the stress will be worth it… I hope. So why so sad you ask? Well housing is driving me mad and I’ve had both some positive and negative responses about the blog lately. People are saying its a world wide web diary. It’s not. It’s me trying to share my experiences and help others through their own with what has worked for me. If this was a diary it would be a lot more angry haha!

So between feeling a bit lonely about my CW course, confused about what I’m meant to do now classes are over and generally tired and stressed about housing and second year all I really want right now is to curl up in bed with a nice cup of tea and try not to worry about one looming deadline in particular…

Here’s to tomorrow, my first day of summer…apparently!

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