The Kindness of Others

Livin’ The Vida Lockdown: Day Three – The Kindness of Others

Tonight at 8pm I stood at my window and clapped. Living in a block of flats and trying to isolate means the window was the best option. And when I cracked it open all I could hear was hands clapping…and it gave me a little bit of hope.

I’d be lying if I said the past few weeks hadn’t been tough on my mental health – I think they have been for all of us. My anxiety and panic attacks have increased and most of my ways have coping have been taken away. To put it simply the world had become a pretty dark and scary place.

When I can though, I try and list the good things in this, the little bits of hope that come through. For me personally, I’ve had the support of a fantastic team, my neighbour has grabbed us some bits while we can’t leave the house while my family dropped over much needed pads. We’ve had so many offers of support from friends and family too. Also, I’ve been told that some of my wonderful followers have sent me things from my Amazon wish list. I am so touched.

While my brain might be trying to tell me that everything is awful and getting out of bed is more difficult, these little rays of sunshine do so much. In all of this, there is kindness, there are good people. I am not trying to play down that things are scary right now – they are, but finding hope in all this is all we can do.

From Rogue One, remember:

“What Is It They’ve Sent Us?” “Hope.”

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