Livin' The Vida Lockdown: Day Four - Ups and Downs

Livin’ The Vida Lockdown: Day Four – Ups and Downs

I’ve got a few ideas of what to write for these daily blogs but seeing as we’ve got at *least* twenty-one days of this I’m going to try and spread them out.

If I’m honest I didn’t know what to write today. The positivity is running a little low and today has been hard. I’m having moments where I want to create lists of things I can do with the extra time I have, others where I want to just sleep.

I’m no stranger to ups and downs – living with a chronic health condition and a mental illness means that I deal with them a lot, but right now it’s different. I’ve spent the past few years building coping strategies but this is unchartered territory.

We’re all trying to work out how to make ourselves happy when we can’t live our normal lives. That said, even my introverted little heart is finding it a bit much not to go outside, because the fun of self isolation.

I think right now it’s a case of rolling with the punches. Is this new advice? Nope but it’s the only thing I have right now.

This probably isn’t the most riveting blog but I want these to be honest. This whole situation is tough and how I feel right now is just a part of it.

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