9 Animals, 9 Lots of Love.

I’ve always been around animals. Throughout my entire life I’ve had animals around me and not having any in my first year of university drove me insane. Sometimes animals are better company than people, they might be dependant but they’ll love you unconditionally. Today we had a little bit of a scare with Noodle, she has a little bit of swelling above her eye and so after her first trip to the vets and some (very expensive) medicine the swelling is starting to go down, thank goodness. While I was waiting and worrying I thought of all the animals currently in my life and how much I love them. They don’t last forever so we have to love them as much as possible while we care for them, so here are 9 of my loves (not in order).  IMG_8041


Suk’s is the Miller’s cat, she was one when she was first brought home and has been here ever since. She likes climbing on my laptop, sitting on my feed and pretending she’s starving. IMG_7425

Ed and Lottie 

My big fur babies! Lot’s has been with us since she was a puppy and Ed since he was a tiny kitten. They’re both now 9 and 9 months and I couldn’t think of life without them. Lottie has been my constant companion through some really tough parts of my life, she even guards me when I’m sick.



Betsy is a new addition to the family. She’s my aunt’s Cockapoo puppy and Ali and I have fallen in love with her. It’s nice having a puppy around, she’s excited by EVERYTHING.

Millie, Monty and Max 

These are my MIL’s boyfriends dogs. They’re not the kind of dogs I’m used to BUT they are incredibly sweet and always want cuddles.

Hamski and Noodle

My babies, I picked them out and took them home. These are the first pet’s that are registered as mine that I chose ( I chose Lottie too but she lives with Mum and Dad) and are my responsibility. I can’t explain my love for my girls.

Update: There are two more animals that I adore but I didn’t have good pictures of them. Bob, my Cockatiel who lives with my Mum who sings beautifully and Fudge, my sister’s hamster who’s an absolute cutie.

How about you? Tell me about your pets and what they’re like in the comments below!

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