My Girl, Lottie

I didn’t think I’d be writing this for a long time. We lost my beautiful girl and I needed to write, to clear my head.

Mum and Dad decided to get a dog 12 years ago and I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure. Our cat had gone missing a few months before and I was still holding out hope. So we went, me in all black with arm warmers and a lot of eyeliner – it was the time of the emo. We went as a family to Dogs Trust, we knew we were going to rescue but my parents had a small dog in mind, maybe a Westie.

We went in and the woman behind the counter slipped Mum and Dad a bit of paper they said yes and we were lead through a few doors. There, in that room, were 6 puppies. We were told they were Lurchers (I had no idea what that was – none of us really did). I crouched down and a little one came straight up and licked my hand. That was my girl and my dog. That was Lottie.

At the time she had been named Jade as a temporary name. We did go and look at other dogs but ultimately she was ours, we had to wait a few weeks for her to have her so she could support her sister through and she did. Then she came home and had us all wrapped around her paw from the minute she came through the door.

We had her for 12 years, there are countless stories I could tell, when she was a puppy Ali decided to throw a stick while she was on the lead…we ended up chasing her around the field which she thought was a great game. The time that she jumped up and took a chunk of my Dads kebab when he turned around for a second. Or all the hours we spent sneaking food and breakfast or when she’d sleep on my bed (and take it over).

She was one of the kindest and sweetest dogs I’ve ever know and more so, she was mine. My heart has broken in the pieces but I’m remembering all of the good times. I’m watching videos and looking at pictures because I’m going to remember her as she was. Sleep well my angel pup – you’ll be in my heart forever.

9 Animals, 9 Lots of Love.

I’ve always been around animals. Throughout my entire life I’ve had animals around me and not having any in my first year of university drove me insane. Sometimes animals are better company than people, they might be dependant but they’ll love you unconditionally. Today we had a little bit of a scare with Noodle, she has a little bit of swelling above her eye and so after her first trip to the vets and some (very expensive) medicine the swelling is starting to go down, thank goodness. While I was waiting and worrying I thought of all the animals currently in my life and how much I love them. They don’t last forever so we have to love them as much as possible while we care for them, so here are 9 of my loves (not in order).  IMG_8041


Suk’s is the Miller’s cat, she was one when she was first brought home and has been here ever since. She likes climbing on my laptop, sitting on my feed and pretending she’s starving. IMG_7425

Ed and Lottie 

My big fur babies! Lot’s has been with us since she was a puppy and Ed since he was a tiny kitten. They’re both now 9 and 9 months and I couldn’t think of life without them. Lottie has been my constant companion through some really tough parts of my life, she even guards me when I’m sick.



Betsy is a new addition to the family. She’s my aunt’s Cockapoo puppy and Ali and I have fallen in love with her. It’s nice having a puppy around, she’s excited by EVERYTHING.

Millie, Monty and Max 

These are my MIL’s boyfriends dogs. They’re not the kind of dogs I’m used to BUT they are incredibly sweet and always want cuddles.

Hamski and Noodle

My babies, I picked them out and took them home. These are the first pet’s that are registered as mine that I chose ( I chose Lottie too but she lives with Mum and Dad) and are my responsibility. I can’t explain my love for my girls.

Update: There are two more animals that I adore but I didn’t have good pictures of them. Bob, my Cockatiel who lives with my Mum who sings beautifully and Fudge, my sister’s hamster who’s an absolute cutie.

How about you? Tell me about your pets and what they’re like in the comments below!

Sunday Seven: Seven of this weeks pics!


I’ve spent most of the past week in Basingstoke, meaning I’ve been very snap happy this week, so for a little something different I wanted to share my top seven snaps of this week.


Ed doesn’t like me shutting the door whenever I’m at home, he wants all the attention, no matter what time it is. I snapped this little pic while I wanted to sleep and Ed wanted to play.

IMG_7626 This week my little cousin and Godson turned 13. 13! Harvey and I are really close, he’s my little dude and I can’t believe he’s gone from this chubby cheeked baby to a really awesome little man. Also, check out the cake that my super awesome sister made!

IMG_7634 It was doughnut day this week so I popped to the shop and picked up these beautiful, scrummy pink ones. They tasted good, so good. IMG_7600

I was finally able to pick up my Illumicrate from my parents! I was not only surprised but loved every item in the box and can’t wait for my next one. If you missed my post, find it here.IMG_7627

Lottie is my shadow whenever I come home. This didn’t change this week, if you couldn’t find her you could guarantee she was on my bed fast asleep…even if it’s a choice between my Mum’s double bed or my single, she still chooses my bed.


This is Betsy, my aunts puppy, she’s also known as Chewbacca by my cousins. I swear she’s like a little walking rug apart from she jumps up and wants cuddles and has a fondness for cake. Don’t you love this little smile too?!


Another one of my little mischief maker in the evening.

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The power of animals


It’s amazing how animals can change your life as well as your mood. Today is my dog Lottie’s 7th birthday (which is 49 in dog years…I think), she’s one of my best and most loyal friends. Lottie is the first dog my family has had, she’s been there for me no matter what and knows when I just need a cuddle. I think saying goodbye to the dog was the hardest when I moved.

I love telling the story of how we got her, let me start by saying I didn’t even want a dog (my cat had gone missing a while earlier and I was still adamant he’d come back). So we go to the dog rescue and because of my sisters age they decide were allowed to see the puppies. I think there was 6 of them in total, 4 boys and 2 girls, one of them being my girl. I went towards them and this little hyper one pushes it’s way to the front and starting licking my hand…that was Lottie.

While I’m in London I don’t have any pets, unless you count Ali, so when I’m sad I’m left to my own devices unless I’m outside and next doors cats say hello. That is until I started riding. Before my lesson today I felt really low, stressed after last nights recording session and on the verge of a panic attack. Amy cheered me up but once I got on the horse I was left to stay still and wait for my instructor, I started stroking Jemima, the horse I’d had on my first ever ride. I calmed down, went for my lesson and came out feeling like everything had just gone away, it’s the magic of animals.

There’s a reason a lot of people recommend pets or work with animals for depressed people, animals never judge. They just look to you for love, care and somehow they know when you’re not feeling right.

So Happy Birthday to my beautiful Lottie Lou and thank you to Jim-Jim for being the wonderful horse she is.

Having a dog is as hard as having a child


I found her upstairs on my sisters bed once I’d gotten up. 


My plans for today were to cuddle up in the little cocoon that I made for myself, Mum and Dad would be off to work and my sister was staying at a friends house, a nice lie in for me. As I fell asleep last night I forgot that there was one person in the house I hadn’t thought about…the dog. So at 5.40 this morning she was put in the bedroom with me.

There’s something you need to know about my dog, it’s rare that she will lay nicely on the bed. Instead she sprawls out over the bed, especially if I’ve slept in an awkward position. So I ended up squashed against the radiator finally getting up at 6 because I couldn’t get back to sleep. I’ve been awake since 5am. My friends with children were not up at 5am. What have I done to deserve this. It wasn’t too bad once I’d woken up and realised there was nothing on TV at 6am on a Sunday morning. We played catch, ate some breakfast and I got on with some bits and pieces. As the day went on though I got more and more tired and snappy…not the attitude for a barbecue.

So I’ve come to the conclusion dogs and kids aren’t that different…I couldn’t have one either way right now. I’m tired, cranky, emotional and have been in a bad mood all evening. It does help that I love my dog but I really do love my sleep too.

Some of my favourite pictures so far

After a somewhat boring day I thought I would share with you some pictures I’ve taken on my camera. A bit different, but I’m learning to use it and wanted to share, I hope you enjoy!

DSC00002 My sister concentrating on Christmas day


The closest I could get to a smile  


Another AMAZING present that my Mum hunted down, a signed copy of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green!! 


A scary little monster in the form of my cousin! 


Pulling silly faces!


My Grandparent’s living room

Image My amazing Grandparents! Image Another little monster 

Image Playing around on Christmas day1 


Suki, when she finally stopped moving! 


Playing around with the camera again! Image 

Ali took this one 


Celebrating my first first! 


My beautiful dog, Lottie


The little monster looking a little bit more adorable

My Dog



Sometimes you run out of things to write about, I guess this is one of those times. I thought I would all give you an insight into one of my favourite things. This ,my friends, is my dog Lottie. It may seem odd that I am writing about my dog on a uni blog, but let me tell you the thing that most people miss at uni are their pets. I have friend that are counting down the days to go home just to see their pet. You see it’s different with animals you can’t just call them up, they don’t understand! 

Lottie is a lurcher cross and the most adorable dog ever. She has been following me around constantly since I got back and she will until I got back to uni on Monday morning. I swear there is nothing better than the unconditional love you get from your pet when you come back from somewhere. My flat does feel pretty empty in the evenings when I don’t have her sitting on my bed. 

The thing is about a pet is that they never question you, they trust and love you with no thought. When I’m on a bad low I am certain that 90% of the time my dog can make my day that little bit brighter. In fact after I was a bit down today just cuddling up to her while she was asleep made me feel better. 

So there you go guys, something a little bit odd but still very valid to uni life. Now you can all admit that your more excited about seeing your pets than your family this Christmas, they wont ask you endless questions, although they might steal your turkey! 


Popping home!


Lottie decided to sit on my lap for a cuddle, cute as hell but she’s the same height when I sit down! 

Today I jumped on a train with Ali and headed back to Basingstoke to surprise my family! My Mum was the only one who knew and seeing all their faces in shock was so bloody funny! It’s so nice to be home so for today it’s just a few lines. I’ll be heading back on Monday and I’m glad because I do miss my flat mates and a few friends. At the same time though seeing the little ones, my parents, grandparents and my dog (who has been the hardest person to leave even though she is now ignoring me!) but I feel ready to go and be independent I’ve proved that I can do it! So it’s only 2 weeks in but I’ve got through the hardest part and come back with a smile. So yes maybe I am ready to be 19 now and a little more grown up (eek scary). I just wanted them all to know how much I love them and after these few days at home hopefully I’ll be 100% sure I’m doing the right thing. Also don’t forget I get to take a lovely boy back with me as well, that always helps 🙂