Real girls EAT CAKE!

So I’ve fallen in love with a song lately. My sister showed this song to me and yes it is explicit content but it’s funny, it’s catchy and I like the message. The song is called Real Girls Eat Cake! I can’t think of a better message especially young girls like my sister ( if you don’t mind the swearing). Food wise I’ve always tried to be a good role model for my sister I always eat in front of her I always encourage her to not worry about stupid fad diets and to love herself (although she is the tiniest thing!).

I wanted to share this song with you all because I love it! It’s just so catchy and I’ve had it on repeat for about an hour and it just makes me smile. This is the great thing about my female friends all the ones who have the same sense of humour as me love it too, especially my friend Sonia! I want you all to enjoy this and go eat some bloody cake! Yeah about that… the first place I went other than the petrol station in the car? Sainsbury’s. This was with the sole intention of buying fresh cream cakes for my family because I love them…and I got lost on the way to Tesco’s the night before.

I want to be positive about food because I have had issues in the past with how I felt about myself and I took it out on my food and it meant I didn’t enjoy it. I’m still not that keen on cooking, but I’m sure that will pass as soon as I’m back to a clean kitchen, not halls! I may have to track down some lovely cake tomorrow though because real girls eat cake 😉

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