Basingstoke, Kingston, Kingston, Basingstoke

So I’m lying here, thinking about life and stuff. Yeah now that is original as a start to a blog post isn’t it. It’s been good to be at home fore the past few days I’ve actually been writing a bit as well as driving around, ok driving around a lot. I love being at home but I’m realising as soon as I get to the few days point in Basingstoke I start getting bored and used to it. Like the roads for example I’m used to them now, I know where to go and I’m totally at ease, I can’t wait to drive to Kingston! 

Not all of Basingstoke is boring though, today I got to see my beautiful Goddaughter  and take out my sister and cousin Lola. It was just something simple, a McDonalds and a walk around town but it’s things like this I absolutely love about being home, spending time with the people I love. Although I didn’t get as big a conversation with Lucy (Lexi’s mum) as I wanted because of all the little people running around but it made me smile and wore me out! 

I am missing Kingston though, although I don’t feel as divided any more I just have two homes now and two lives that link sometimes but not all the time. I don’t feel stressed about it any more I’m just hoping that the good spell will carry on. I’m definitely getting more used to things and feeling better! ImageImage



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