No rest for the wicked

As usual for me there is no rest, no stopping just keep going,going,going. After yesterday I’m still feeling happy although obviously a little let down that I haven’t passed, it’s only normal. After last night though and some lovely tea with the boys (I’m slowly making Rhys more and more English mwhaha!!!) I had a little relaxing time and then back to fast fast fast! Today was also another day of waking up as a bag full of nerves, it was presentation day. I’ve been dreading it for weeks my thought pattern has been driving test, presentation, driving test, presentation on and on and on. I also had my last intro to creative writing class, finally although the seminars are the only part of my course I enjoy so I was sad to see it go, you’ll be pleased to know all my course work is now done for the module, onwards and upwards. Either way one of the members of my group is in the same class and had to sit while I freaked out do our points even match? Have we done what they wanted? Do we know the book enough? Serious overdrive in my mind. I’ll cut it short and say that the presentation went well, despite my nerves we all pulled it off and it seems to have gone down well even with a joking and slightly cheeky response to a lecturers question at the end (it was what he wanted, don’t worry!) before watching a few more and sprinting off to my  first Disabled Students Network meeting. I loved it so much, there was fab people, new friends to be made and new ideas. I’ll even be helping in Disabilities awareness week next week by talking to lecturers about mental illness, such an exciting opportunity!  So must be done now your thinking? Nope one more run to make before my day is finally over. Off to the staff canteen to discuss my student blogs for being a Student Ambassador, different to this one but there are big plans in the process and the best bit? I’m being paid to blog, finally! I’ve wanted this for years and I’ll also be helping people make the right choice about uni. It’s all going pretty well but all I wanted when I got back to my flat was to lie down and sleep, when I worked out that wasn’t happening I decided to wash all my bedding before settling down to eat. Apart form I ended up on a spontaneous trip to Asda with Ali. So if you don’t mind, I think I need my bed.

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