Last day of recording and Lola and Ralphie’s birthday!!

Exhaustion has set in for all five band members and Sophie. Today’s absolutely beautiful weather was spent in the Kingston Hill Lodge studio again, although we did manage to sneak out to catch some sun light, even if it was only a little bit. We had to meet again at 9 and be in the studio setting up by 9.30 although time passed a lot quicker this morning (it slowed down a lot this afternoon though). Today was for Guitars and Bass! Woo! which ended up taking a lot longer than we thought, as I write at 6pm the boys are still there and will be until 10 tonight just as they have been since Friday. 

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Rhys and I early this morning in the sunshiiiiiine

It hasn’t been easy, spending 3 days in a small studio with the same people is hard work. We’ve been tired, happy, laughing and half delirious from a lack of sleep but I think we’re doing ok…even if we shut ourselves away for a little while and don’t see each other haha!! No on a serious note as much as we may want to kill each other now I’m proud of all the boys they’ve done really well over the last few days and for Rhys to keep drumming again and again and again for about 12 hours yesterday was amazing to watch even if I thought he may pass out (he didn’t it’s ok!). 

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Studio Selfie

This EP is going to be something special once its finally finished and something amazing happened today…Sophie managed to get real pictures of us that we can use for things, REAL PICTURES!!! She even managed to get a smile from Ali on camera, something which is almost a myth around here. It was a great thing to do just before the sun went down. People have said that to me today, don’t you wish you were in the sun? No, not really. When I look back on this weekend it wont just be another sunny weekend, we worked our butts off and spent our breaks running around like children and cilmbing trees, yeah that actually happened. 


A shot Sophie took on my camera…her pictures are the proper ones though!! 



Another thing today it is my baby cousins birthday’s!!! Lola and Ralphie turned 7 today, something which Ali didn’t quite believe. It’s been hard not being at home to see them but after speaking to them on the phone I know they’ve had a great day on their new bikes and being spoilt rotten as they should be! You’re only 7 once!  


Baby Lola 



Baby Ralphie 

So now I’m back at the flat, tired although not as much as the others are I don’t think and I have a really busy week ahead of me…and no lie ins at all! All in all it’s been a really great weekend, it was hard no question, being constantly around people is something I’m not used to but I wouldn’t chose to spend it with anyone else. Here’s to a great week after a fab weekend!! 


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