A full day in the studio


After spending last night getting all the mics set up and ready today Rhys had to do his thing…for 12 hours. We’re finally done and Rhys ended up falling asleep on the floor, on the plus side it may make his sleeping pattern go back to normal! This morning was definately an early start after passing out last night, waking up at 7.30 did not seem like enough sleep to live on. 


Me this morning…so, so sleepy. 

Rhys has drummed all day, we’ve all heard the songs over and over and over again and finally realise why bands don’t listen to their own music after it’s done. We sat around watched Rhys, the boys positioned mics, played on our phones etc. We’ve already eaten more sugar and salt than is healthy in a wekk but this is studio life not a hotel..although that would be pretty cool actually. No today has been chocolate, Doritoes, fried chicken, Redbull, Fanta, all the fizzy drinks they had in the shop and the smell of farts…mentioning no names!



Rhys’ snare and sticks at the end of a long day 

Tomorrow will be Bass and Guitars and hopefully we’ll nearly be there…also we might be more awake? I doubt that but right now I need to climb into my bed ready for another early start tomorrrow…yawn. 

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