Sunday Seven: Stand Out Concerts


Today I took my sister to see Little Mix (her christmas present from me). The concert was full of little girls, decked head to toe in Little Mix clothes, singing their hearts out and dancing to every single song. It really took me back, when I was growing up concerts were a big thing for me and my Mum, we went to a lot of concerts. I remember Mum sitting on the phone trying to get tickets to this concert or that (this was the early ’00, no internet shopping!). So as I’ve grown up and gotten into my own music I’ve gone to concerts as much as possible, spending my money on nights at venues rather than nights out. So here are just 7 of the amazing concerts that really stood out in my mind. No judging!

Spice Girls – 1999 

Way back in ’99 (yes I’m that old), my Mum, my pregnant Aunt and I went to Earls Court to watch the Spice Girls. I was obsessed with them from the age of 2 and the obsession carried on, even now I’m watching the rumors of a 20th reunion tour like a hawk. At the age of 4 it was the best day of my life, I ended up being on the TV filming (well the huge banner I made way anyway) and Victoria Beckham (then Adams) waved at me, putting me in serious doubt about who my favourite Spice Girl was. What a choice for little Chloe to make!

Busted – 2006 

Between going to the Spice Girls and going to Busted I’d gone to a few more concerts but this was the first one with guitars. REAL GUITARS. People won’t call Busted a band, that’s fine, but to me they played guitars which was the coolest thing. I also got to see Mcfly as the support act before they were a thing which was really cool. Unfortunately we didn’t know at the time I had Glandular Fever. I was really sick and only made it through about 2 songs before falling asleep on my feet and having to be taken home by Mum and Dad.

Paramore – 2010 

Ah, my first concert that I went to without my Mum. Ali and I got tickets to go and see Paramore for the first time at the O2. Of course I fell in love, I fell in love with the band dynamic, the way five people came to be one and just rocked out. It was the first time I thought, yeah, I could do this band thing. I’d always wanted to perform but there was something about this concert, at a time where I was really struggling in my final year at school, and this just gave me hope and joy.

Deaf Havana – 2013 

The first time I got to meet a band that I really loved. I moved into halls on the Friday, explored and got used to things on the Saturday and missed the welcome BBQ to go and see a band…sounds like me. It was amazing to go to a record store, watch a small and intimate set and then meet a band I’d admired for years. The first of many in store meet and greets.

Paramore – 2013

Paramore make the list again because this was a concert that was at a tough period in my life too. It was also the first time that Ali stayed at my flat in first year (not something that happened often because it was tiny). I think going to this concert gave me the push to be in a band again. I’d just started uni, my old band had broken up and I felt a little lost. I went to this show with my best friend, cried during a song and came home feeling in love with music again. Paramore will always be my favourite band. Always.

We Are the in Crowd – 2014 

Another meet and greet, I met WATIC twice in 2014 and was at the last show before they had to cancel the rest of their tour. It was so cool to just chat to these people who has been part of the soundtrack to my life and just chill with them and eat pizza before watching an absolutely incredible show. I’d seen them both acoustic and electric in the space of 24 hours, a really awesome time.

Ed Sheeran – 2015 

This might seem a little odd to be on the list. I went to see Ed at the O2 Arena, I really liked his stuff but wasn’t expecting to be blown away. It’s honestly the best pop concert I’ve ever been to. Just him, his guitar and a pedal board. I’ve never seen someone so talented on their own. It was nothing short of incredible.

I could easily fill multiple blogs with how much I love concerts and live music. In the next month alone I have 2 concerts with my sister (The Vamps and 5 Second of Summer), PVRIS with Ali and I’m hoping to book a lot more, although most of my favourite bands have either just finished touring or are currently writing/ taking a break. Roll on the next round of tours!

We Are The In Crowd…day 2!

Photo: WATIC Day 2, Pizza Party!!!

To put it lightly today was a rush. After waking up early to make sure I am on time for my driving lesson (much better, haha!), my mental health mentor appointment and finally getting back to have some lunch before heading into Camden.

I hate to say that tiredness got the best of me as well of the drain of my mentoring session, I wasn’t the easiest person to travel with and I hate that I might have put a downer on Ali’s good mood. I decided to try and snap out of it, after all how many times would I get to eat with We Are The In Crowd! So while wondering around Camden I started to get excited and counting down the hours despite how damn cold it was in line.

The first to hug Tay Jardine!!! 

We paid more than most for the opportunity to meet and have pizza with the band but it was SO worth it! As with yesterday they were all lovely and being able to have a conversation with people who inspire a lot of my music and just talk to them. They were all really sick still and spoke very openly about the tour, promising to give it their all and bloody hell they did.

I got kicked in the head 3 times (crowd surfers) but got to be on the barrier for every second and loved every minute. The pictures are a joint effort from Ali and I (taking pictures on the barrier was very difficult) and I hope they express just how active the gig was. Although We Are The In Crowd have cancelled the rest of the tour ,the dedication they show means this  decision wont have been taken likely.

Even though I’m back and exhausted this wont be a night I’ll forget easily and I’m inspired to carry on with the guys, write songs and hopefully tour myself.

Photo: Yeahhhhhh!!!

My Pass for the night! 

We Are The In Crowd Day 1!


Tay enjoying the set

After a somewhat horrendous afternoon in town I met Ali at the bus stop and we went to queue up for We Are The In Crowd! I’ve been really looking forward to today because our local record store does acoustic in stores where for a small price you get to watch and then meet them. The cost of this ticket was only £11! So we decided to go and queue about 45 minutes before only to stand in the cold and say it would be another had hour…after doors didn’t open for 15 minutes past what they should.

The venue had been moved and there were a few grumbles because it was moved due to ‘high demand’. We went from a cosy intimate gig to a club called McCluskys (not my first choice of place to be in). As the crowd came in we realised that it wasn’t a huge demand but we were still near the front.


As I expected they were ace, they even admitted they had been practising in the bathroom before performing to us and I think they had fun despite being pretty ill. They seemed annoyed that they’d been moved venue and told to only play 3 songs (they played 4 though luckily).

Seeing them today has just got me even more excited for tomorrow! I’ve got a signed ticket, a new tour T-Shirt and I’m pretty damn happy. It’s off to KoKo in Camden tomorrow then Tuesday it’s Taylor Swift at the 02 (I know interesting choices!).