A new chapter, a fresh start.


Today I started Kingston University and I am in love with it already. Today started with tears, not mine my mothers. It was really emotional at first saying goodbye to all my family and oh god the dog set me off my poor little puppy! Either way mum played tetris with the boxes and we managed to get everything in my uncles car before we set off on the train. It’s weird I expected to be so scared and upset but I wasn’t I just felt like meh I’m moving today. I think that going to Headstart last month just made my worries vanish, so we just got on the train and arrived at Surbiton station. Moving into my room was a bit stressful, I’m a clean freak and the state of the kitchen really did make my anxiety rocket, luckily it was Mum to the rescue and her fab cleaning skills. ย After that I calmed down, I loved things around and now I’m pretty happy with my little room. Mum, Dad, Dan and Sums left as soon as a few friends arrived, if you can do that then I really advise it. It takes your mind off of things and lets you focus on the future and not dwell too much.

This afternoon was a frenzy of meeting people, sorting through things and of course food shopping (I was pretty healthy for me actually!) the only hitch? We got soaked in the rain, my friend Charlee walked all the way from her halls to visit as well as meeting my friends Joe, ย Jen, Beckii and Emily (who is with me as I write this) and trying to get to know people in my flat. ย It is an odd experience but I’m enjoying it, I’m not upset I’m just excited and I can’t wait to get started and get on!


That’s my blog for tonight! I’ll keep you updated!!

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