Marvel Collector Corps: Women of Power Review and Unboxing

It’s that time again! Yes, yesterday my Marvel Collector Corps box landed yesterday and knowing that Spider Gwen was on the front of the box got me SUPER excited when it was announced so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the box and see what’s inside. So for my full unboxing and review keep scrolling, if you DON’T want any spoilers then pop back later.





Spider Gwen T-shirt

This is my favourite part of the box this month. Spider Gwen was the first comic book that I properly got into, Spider man the first super-hero. Although I’m not keen on it being grey (it’s summer, everyone’s all sweaty and gross) but I do love the design.


Pin and Badge

As usual there are the badge and pin that come with every set. I’m not that keen on the design and feel like there could have been better women to put on, just my opinion.


Civil War 2, Issue 1

I’ve been waiting to pick this up for a while and I’m super happy it was included. Obviously Captain Marvel is key in this series and it’ll be interesting to have a flick through and see how it holds up to the original Civil War. Also I absolutely love the cover, as I do with all the variants I’ve received so far.


Mystery Mini’s

I kind of didn’t get the point of these. The whole point of mystery mini’s is the excitement of not knowing what’s in the box and seeing who you get. Giving us these with the characters on the front was kind of disappointing and took away from the point of them.


Squirrel Girl Pop Vinyl

Now I’ll admit, I didn’t know Squirrel girl was a thing, I’ve never seen her, read a comic book and of that. I was quite disappointed with her and I won’t be keeping the pop.


Overall this is the box that I’ve liked least since I started collecting. While I can appreciate that for some it was a good box I was very underwhelmed. I’m holding out a lot more hope for the next MCM box which is Spider Man, but unfortunately this one wasn’t for me.

Marvel Collector Corps: Captain America Civil War Unboxing and Review


It’s that time again, my Marvel Collector Corps box has finally arrived after I’ve tracked it and have been clock watching to see when it would come. Now I did see some spoilers online a week ago but I was totally psyched and actually forgot all but one of the contents when it arrived this morning! As always this is going to go through ALL the contents so if you don’t want to know what’s in the box LOOK AWAY NOW! You have been warned. Now let’s get going and look into this box of wonder.


Civil War, Whose Side Are You On T-Shirt

As far as I’m aware every box comes with a t-shirt and I’m in LOVE with this one. The shirt has a great design and is of a really good quality too, I can see myself using this shirt quite a lot and no guesses for what I’m wearing when I FINALLY get to see the movie next week.


Exclusive Pin and Badge 

As with every crate you get a pin and badge, they are a cool design but I’m not sure what people do with them…so far mine just sit in a little box so if anyone has any suggestions for me leave them in the comments below!


Black Panther Comic Book 

I’ve never encountered the character of Black Panter before so it was nice that this was included because I don’t think I’m the only one who needs a little more info about the background of Black Panther.



This was something I wasn’t expecting, if I’m honest this is a little strange for the box. Again it’s of a good quality and I’m sure I’ll find some use for it BUT I think it was added as an extra because of the two amazing boxed items that are also in there…


Unmasked Tony Stark Dorb, exclusive to MCC. 

Now, I’ve mentioned on here before I’m not a Dorbz collector, not because I don’t think they’re cute simply because I don’t have the space or the money for another collection after my Pops and my comic books. I absolutely LOVE this it’s something really different and cute and a great addition to the box.


Captain America/ Iron Man Action Stance Funko Pop 2 Pack 

I wondered when I ordered if it was going to be an either/or of Captain America or Iron Man. Now I already have 2 Captain America’s and 2 Iron Man’s so I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep this or not but seeing the action poses has definitely changed my mind. I mean, look how cool!


Of course I was impressed by this box, wouldn’t you be? With two boxed items, a quality t-shirt and comic book it was well worth the money spent and once again a kick ass collection. Well done Marvel, definitely adding to the hype, bring on Civil War!

March Loot Crate Unboxing and Review


 After Royal Mail finally delivered my parcel, not cool to say I didn’t answer the door guys, I got this months Loot Crate. This month’s theme is Vs, I’d already been told there would be something Harley Quinn and something Daredevil related so I was quite looking forward to picking up this month’s box. Now let’s see what’s inside….

IMG_6697 (1)

Star Trek T-Shirt

For our first item let’s take a look at this month’s t-shirt. Apparently, every Loot Crate from now on will have a t-shirt in it, which is really appealing to me, because I know there will be at least 1 good quality item in the box every month. This month it was a Star Track shirt, referencing mirror mirror. I’ll hold my hand up and say that I’ve only seen the new movies in the Star Trek world (I’m more of a Star Wars girl myself) but, I think Spock is a great character. I also love the design with a vintage feel and it fits really well too. I’m also planning to go and watch this now to see what everyone is talking about.


IMG_6691 (1)

Alien Vs Predator mystery bag

I’m not a fan of sci-fi/horror combinations. In fact anything involving horror I’m not keen on watching, but my boyfriend really liked this. Anything I’m not keen on and he is, I give to him. I will say this is also an exclusive (a lot more of these lately), you get one of two and then there are a load more you can also collect. The actual figure itself is good quality, stands up on its own and glows in the dark. Overall, not my thing but I am impressed with its quiality.



IMG_6695 (1)IMG_6696 (1)

Daredevil/Punisher Reversible hat

I’ll admit now that when it comes to Daredevil I am late to the party. I plan to have a binge watch over Easter Weekend if possible. Even as someone who hasn’t watched Daredevil yet I love this hat. Not only is it reversible but it’s also a lovely hat. It’s really thick, warm and cosy and I can see the boyfriend and I fighting over it. I hope I love Daredevil, because I really want to wear this hat.

IMG_6693 (1)IMG_6692 (1)

Batman Vs Superman super strength paper wallet

Loot Crate have worked with these guys before in a previous box (before I was collecting) and I remember not being too impressed. They’re a nice design, saves the environment and apparently can take quite a beating, but I’m just not keen on them. I’d rather have something a little more sturdy and durable.

IMG_6698 (1)

Harley Quinn Exclusive Comic Book

Another exclusive! I absolutely love Harley Quinn, she’s smart and crazy. You might call her my evil role model because if I ever go over to the dark side, I’ll become like Harley. I read and absolutely loved this, the cover is fantastic, the story is fun and I’m hoping this might mean Harley’s series will make a comeback. For me this was 100% the best thing about this months crate.

IMG_6694 (1)

Lootcrate pin.

And as usual our Loot Crate pin, not something I’m particularly excited about BUT I love the fact they’re proper pins now!.

Overall the standard of the Loot Crate has gone up (unlike the crappy soap in the Dead box last month). I’m really impressed with what’s in my box, I think the biggest let down was the wallet and the biggest thing to impress me was the Harley exclusive. After this month I’m definitely keeping my subscription going and hopefully this standard will continue.

Let me know if you’d like to see more unboxing blogs and what I should try next!

Marvel Collector Corps: Deadpool – Unboxing and Review


Today I got some post that was certain to cheer me up, after ordering the day it was due to close I’m so glad I did. After the success of my Deadpool post last month and my Lootcrate unboxing post I decided to share the new subscription in my life! Of course if you haven’t gotten your box yet and don’t want any spoilers then don’t read this post!!


I have a serious Funko Pop! collection (but that’s another post entirely!) so finding this exclusive Deadpool Pop! in a really awesome pose was great. There are about £15 at least in value, so it’s great value for money too. Now I need to find the Deadpool bathtime pop, hmm.

Of course with every Collector Corps box there is a pin and sew on badge, again they’re good quality, I’m not sure what I’ll do with them but they’re cute. I also got this little stuffed Deadpool, he’s adorable and I love him!


Now, I’ll admit that I’m not keen on Dorbz but, again, this shows the quality of the box itself as they’re not cheap. In his little cowboy hat I can see why a lot of my friends are in love with him, this just isn’t my thing!


Two classics in a good sub box, a t-shirt and comic book. There were 4 different shirts available for this box and I’m glad I got this one, simply because I like the colours and will wear it more. As for the comic book, I haven’t read it yet but I’m looking forward to curling up with it.

Overall I’m really impressed this box, it’s fun and well worth the money I paid for it. I also like the fact that because the boxes come bi-monthly, not only does it spread out the cost, but it also means that there isn’t any rubbish in the box (from what I’ve heard anyway). So I’ll be keeping this subscription, especially as next is the Captain America box, I can’t wait! IMG_6490

Of course, I’d love to hear what fellow collectors or just Deadpool fans thought of this box, leave me a comment below!

February Loot Crate unboxing and review


As something new to my blog, I’ve decided to talk about the subscription boxes I get, review them and just generally have an excuse to geek out! If you don’t want any spoilers then do not read this post as it contains the contents of this month’s box, but I will tell you it’s a good one.

I’ve been getting Loot Crate since December, starting with the galaxy crate which I was really impressed with, particularly the Han Solo exclusive pop. I say exclusive, it really just had a Lootcrate sticker on and then got released later, but I can live with that. Last month we had the Invasion crate, which was ok but not really my thing. This month however we were promised some Deadpool and, you guys know I love Deadpool.



My absolute favourite part of this crate was the official Marvel t-shirt. It’s soft and a great colour as well as a fab design. Great start to the crate, absolutely love it.


This month’s pin, they’ve changed for 2016. Now going to proper metal pins. I’m not sure in the point of these pins, don’t get me wrong they’re cool but I don’t usually know what to do with them.


Another awesome Deadpool part of the Crate. I loved this, it’s funny as well as being a really cool edition to the house. I’ve also never seen these before, it’s something fun and a little different.


I don’t know what the deal with this is, because I’ve never watched the Walking Dead. I was torn between being grossed out and impressed by these, I’ve never heard of soap being in a subscription box but I like the idea.


Lego type mystery pouches. These are kind of cool I have to admit, although I did give it to my boyfriend. I’m not a zombie girl.

This month’s crate was definitely worth the money and I am absolutely in love with the contents. Next month’s theme for the crate hasn’t been released yet but I’m hoping the standards keep up to what they have been for the last few months.

Great shout Loot Crate!