Looking back at University -I’m a Graduate!

On Thursday 21st of July my journey as a student came to an end. Yes after 3 long years I am now officially a graduate of Kingston University, Chloe Metzger BA Hons. I’m going to try and keep this blog short, because I feel like I could write a book on this chapter of my life alone. I went from a girl who was terrified of leaving home, to a young independent woman. I’ve gone through more than I thought I could enjoy and have had experiences that I never thought I would but I’m so pleased I went to university, I found out who I was.

The past 3 years have been overwhelming such amazing highs and very tough lows. I’m nothing like the girl who started, who was so anxious the thought of getting on a bus nearly sent her into a panic attack, now I’ll travel around London for work. I’ve met the Chancellor and had a good few chats with her. I started this blog, interviewed by various people, made friends, started a band, played all over London and the South East and released 4 singles. I’ve watched countless bands and artists and met some of my absolute heroes. I’ve also met authors, celebrities and inspiring people. I’ve won awards, became a society president, got firsts and two ones, become a Student Ambassador and in charge of social media. I’ve given talks on mental health and found my voice as well as a way to use my past to create a better future.

Of course there were tough times too the homesickness, the really tough times with my depression when I wouldn’t leave my flat or be around people for days on end, friendship breakdowns, breaking my spine and not getting some of the grades I wanted. Originally I didn’t post that I got a 2:1 for my degree because I wasn embarrassed. My goal from the first year was to get a first class degree and I missed it by 3.5%. I cried, a lot, I was full of self loathing, how could I not get that extra 3.5%? Then I spoke to a friend, someone who chose to love me rather than being Ali or my family who were proud whatever, who told me not many people can recover from a broken spine and be in hospital for IBS and still come out so close to a first. It made me feel a lot better. I put this pressure on myself and it’s one of my flaws. I wanted to tell you all that because university comes with the good and the bad.

My future has completely changed from that I thought it would be before I went to uni, hell it’s different from what I thought it would be a year ago, but I’m happy. I’m happier sitting writing this than I have been in months, because third year was hard. It wasn’t just the workload, but my personal life. If I’m honest I’m surprised I made it through. I don’t want to sound like I’m boasting but I want  to be truthful to let others know that even when life gets so tough that you don’t know how you’re going to keep going, you can.  I haven’t you the space to write everything I loved about studying at university, but I did. I’ve got some incredible friends and memories from my time at KU and it’s honestly one of the best decisions I ever made.

So thank’s Kingston, you were great!


Basingstoke Live 2016

Well I’m writing this almost falling asleep after all the excitement of this weekend. I did it, after going to Basingstoke live since it started 9 years ago, No People Club took to the main stage of the festival at 7pm and ABSOLUTELY ROCKED IT. We played a new song and I honestly think it’s the best we’ve ever played and the best we’ve ever sounded.

I went straight from work on Friday to pick Rhys and Dan up to the rehearsal space, practiced for 4 hours, came back and finally slept before getting up and doing the festival. It felt incredible we were playing to so many people, people were dancing, singing along, it couldn’t have been any better. Singing the lyrics and basically singing a map of my life for the past few years just stirred these feelings deep in me and I realised I can’t stop doing this. I LOVE performing, I love the guys and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure we can carry on with this. I have the memories from the day and night (including going out to the pub with my Mum, Ali’s Dad, the boys and Abbie) and I think it was something I needed. This isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning.


Strike a Match.


The past three years haven’t just been filled with study, they’ve lead other parts of my life to change too. I wrote yesterday about taking chances  and way back in first year the boys and I took a chance at putting a band together and playing a load of shows. I’ve done more with this band than I have before, we’ve played great venues, recorded then scrapped it then recorded again. I’ve been waiting so long to be able to tell you all that our new singles are out. The process was slowed down a few times for various reasons, the main pushback for this not being out a year ago was because of my broken back, you can’t record if you can’t stand and are half asleep on painkillers. Fact. For a long time I blamed myself that we didn’t have this finished, that we weren’t touring the country but then I stopped and worked with that we had. What we had was some great show experience, a friendship and memories that would last. So at times it may have felt like this would never come out and now it’s finally here and being listened too! You have no idea how weird it is to be able to type the band name into iTunes and then have my voice come through the speakers. There has been blood, sweat and tears that have gone into the writing, the planning the recording, the shows we played, the hours of practice.

So, finally, I present to you all Strike a Match, click here to head to iTunes and have a listen!

I have something to tell you!!


I have been trying to keep this in for what feels like SO long, although it’s actually been a few weeks. My band, No People Club, have been booked to go back to Basingstoke Live again this year on the MAIN STAGE! Basingstoke Live is the biggest free festival in the South East!  Now, I love the Amped tent, I’ve been regularly sitting for hours every summer watching the acts and I’ve played it twice but this is a new adventure. We will be on the biggest stage at 7pm, eeeek! I’ve watched this stage for years and it’s so big and just looked like so much fun and we got the email on a day where I really needed cheering up. We’re all about to graduate and don’t know what the future holds for the five of us, but you can be damn sure we’re going to party it up!


Hello October! – What to expect from chloemetzger.com


Helllooo my lovelies, we are already into October! I have no idea how September went but I’m really excited for this month. Autumn is my favourite season, it’s just so cute, warm enough and so far London has had blue skies while the leaves are changing ARGH.

I have lots of exciting things planned for this month like

  • My first Horse Riding Society Social
  • First Rides for the newbies
  • Starting my dissertation plan
  • Playing an awesome show for Oxjam charity festival
  • Two concerts to go to and that’s just this week?
  • Comic Con
  • A museum visit
  • London trip
  • Meeting Katie Piper for work!!!

I have so much to do but so much to look forward to as well, I’m really trying to get the most out of my final year with all my friends and having a pretty small timetable.

I’ve also got some great new blogging ideas, as always I’ll be doing this months book haul, some reviews of the new H&M make up range, No People Club news, some more My Big Mouth Posts and as usual you’ll be getting weekly book reviews.

I’m so excited about this month’s blogs and everything to come. As always

I have a love hate relationship with recording


I have wanted to get an EP/ album out for what feels like forever and after the past few years being very up and down I’ve finally got a great band and decent songs, the only thing that stands in the way of a release is recording vocals. Hm. There is some definite love and definite hate when it comes to me recording vocals. For a long time I was so anxious and wound up that trying to record was a nightmare, I was a nightmare. I’d get so worked up that I’d cry or be sick because I was so nervous and nothing came out sounding how I wanted it to. I’ve definitely grown a lot in terms of my music in the past year and Ali’s finally found ways to help me relax enough to get things done…even if that includes recording in my simpsons pj’s in the middle of the day. Hey what works, works!

I still have another long day of recording ahead tomorrow, with two songs down we have another four to go but so far it is sounding the best it ever has and I’m in a good mindset about it. So hopefully by christmas I can give you all a link and you can go and download the EP! Eeeeeek! For now though if you haven’t go and like our facebook page! You don’t even have to go far because I’ve added a box on my blog if you look to the right and scroll down! See, No People Club will take over the world!

As always thank you for taking the time to catch up with my blog and if you haven’t already I’ve just posted a post about my recent trip to Amsterdam. As always I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Day 3 in the studio!



The glamorous look is definitely not an option for a serious recording session…well not for me anyway

I was very relieved that I didn’t have to get up too early to record today a lateish start for recording today and I definitely needed it. Tonight I am really tired but happy too, we’re half way there! 2 songs down and 2 to go! Yes! It’s been a long day full of messing up, awesome takes, not so awesome takes and frustration but we got there in the end and the boys were incredible! I can’t wait for everyone to hear this EP but I still have work to do 1 or 2 more sessions in the studio to do but we will have it ready for Basingstoke Live this summer! If you do want to keep an eye on us put in No People Club in Facebook or @NoPeopleClub on Twitter! I don’t have much else to say apart from I really do have amazing band mates and I’m really expecting big things from how the last few days have gone! Watch this space!