Basingstoke Live 2016

Well I’m writing this almost falling asleep after all the excitement of this weekend. I did it, after going to Basingstoke live since it started 9 years ago, No People Club took to the main stage of the festival at 7pm and ABSOLUTELY ROCKED IT. We played a new song and I honestly think it’s the best we’ve ever played and the best we’ve ever sounded.

I went straight from work on Friday to pick Rhys and Dan up to the rehearsal space, practiced for 4 hours, came back and finally slept before getting up and doing the festival. It felt incredible we were playing to so many people, people were dancing, singing along, it couldn’t have been any better. Singing the lyrics and basically singing a map of my life for the past few years just stirred these feelings deep in me and I realised I can’t stop doing this. I LOVE performing, I love the guys and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure we can carry on with this. I have the memories from the day and night (including going out to the pub with my Mum, Ali’s Dad, the boys and Abbie) and I think it was something I needed. This isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning.


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