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Harry Potter Haul: Updated

A few years ago I posted my Harry Potter Haul when Primark was just starting to do Harry Potter merch and I spent a lot of my Student Loan on it (sob, I’m getting so old). Anyway, of course, there is now so much Harry Potter stuff that Primark on Oxford Street has a whole section …

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My December Book Haul!

Hello fellow book lovers! I know that normally I only post the books I received in my monthly wrap-ups BUT as it was Christmas and the sales I thought it would be worth my book haul getting its very own dedicated blog…because there are so many! So, let’s get stuck in! Harry Potter – A History of …

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Blogmas Day 4: Last Minute Gifts for the Feminist in your Life

Now, I know, some of you out there have had your present shopping done since September, I salute you, but some of us still need ideas. So, how about some ideas for the kick-ass feminist in your life? I’m really excited to be working with House of Wonderland for this post and thank you so …

Typo Haul!;

Typo Haul!

I found a new shop to share my love for all things organisation, stationary EVERYTHING! I went back to my old stomping ground of Kingston a few weeks ago and I’d heard about this shop, looked it up online, nothing could prepare me for my excitement and wants to buy all the things! So, when …

Sunday Seven: My Christmas Wishlist;
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Sunday Seven: My Christmas Wishlist

Can you believe it, we’re already in our first Sunday of December! The big day is only 21 days away and I could not be more excited! Now, my Mum is super organised, she asked me for a Christmas wishlist weeks ago (which meant I had to think fast), the conditions she had were that …

Christmas and Boxing Day Haul;

Christmas and Boxing Day Haul

After a lot of issues with WordPress trying to upload these pictures to my website I can finally write about my gigantic haul over Christmas and Boxing Day ( it’s like Black Friday sales for my US readers). I was up at 4am and then 5am on Christmas morning and it was so worth it! …

Kids and Christmas;

Kids and Christmas

Today one of my FAVOURITE parts of Christmas celebrations happened. Every year me, my sister Summer, my oldest friend Lucy and little Lexi meet up to see each other and exchange presents. Summer plays with Lexi and Lucy and I get to catch up while they run around. Every time I see Lexi she’s shot …

USA Goodies!!;

USA Goodies!!

Today my family finally came back from America! It’s been super weird getting pictures sent to me and having to FaceTime them rather that just a call when I felt like it, my family have never been abroad without me but alas missing third year lectures was not an option. So instead they went shopping …

Turning 21 – What a birthday!;

Turning 21 – What a birthday!

I’m writing this on what is the last night I am celebrating turning 21! It’s been a great few weeks, kicking off with my trip to Amsterdam earlier this month with the girls, followed by a celebration with my Dad’s side of the family Tuesday, seeing Lucy and my baby girl Lexi in the day …


I feel loved!

It’s strange how something like this accident has made me realise how loved I really am. It’s not that I didn’t know before, but I’ve just had an outpouring of love and good wishes since I found out about the fractures and it’s been really making me smile. I’ve had a lot of support from …

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