Typo Haul!

I found a new shop to share my love for all things organisation, stationary EVERYTHING! I went back to my old stomping ground of Kingston a few weeks ago and I’d heard about this shop, looked it up online, nothing could prepare me for my excitement and wants to buy all the things! So, when payday came and so did a 30% off sale online I had to treat myself, just a little bit. So, how about a long overdue haul?!

First of all, can we please appreciate the packaging. This came and genuinely fooled my boss into thinking that I’d been sent this massive present (I wish). This is the most amazing packaging and I love it. It was also really well packed, a lot of protection. I’ll be ordering again.

IMG_5893 (2)

Doughnut cushion – £15

Ali and I saw this in the Kingston store and I fell in love with it, next on my list is the burger. It’s so comfy and bright. It looks awesome in my living room.

iPhone Lenses Macro and Wide Lens – £7.00 

Ali picked these up first and after seeing how cool they were and the detail you can get (on the right is my sofa using the Macro lens). I know that there are other sets available too so I’m hoping I can pick those up too!

Notepads – £2.50 

I could have bought so many more of these. They have amazing designs and even some of The Simpsons. As you all know I love a good positive quote and these were perfect.

IMG_5887 (2)

Varsity Laptop Case 13’3 inches – £20 

I’ve needed a new laptop case for so long, I saw this and fell in love with it. This is one of my favourite colours and it’s just such a beautiful design. I’ve seen a matching bottle too!


If you want to look at these or some of the amazing other stuff that’s in my wish list then you can visit the Typo website! I know where my birthday money is going to go!  This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share my love for a new brand I’ve found! I hope you guys love it too!

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