My Dog



Sometimes you run out of things to write about, I guess this is one of those times. I thought I would all give you an insight into one of my favourite things. This ,my friends, is my dog Lottie. It may seem odd that I am writing about my dog on a uni blog, but let me tell you the thing that most people miss at uni are their pets. I have friend that are counting down the days to go home just to see their pet. You see it’s different with animals you can’t just call them up, they don’t understand! 

Lottie is a lurcher cross and the most adorable dog ever. She has been following me around constantly since I got back and she will until I got back to uni on Monday morning. I swear there is nothing better than the unconditional love you get from your pet when you come back from somewhere. My flat does feel pretty empty in the evenings when I don’t have her sitting on my bed. 

The thing is about a pet is that they never question you, they trust and love you with no thought. When I’m on a bad low I am certain that 90% of the time my dog can make my day that little bit brighter. In fact after I was a bit down today just cuddling up to her while she was asleep made me feel better. 

So there you go guys, something a little bit odd but still very valid to uni life. Now you can all admit that your more excited about seeing your pets than your family this Christmas, they wont ask you endless questions, although they might steal your turkey! 


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