Popping home!


Lottie decided to sit on my lap for a cuddle, cute as hell but she’s the same height when I sit down! 

Today I jumped on a train with Ali and headed back to Basingstoke to surprise my family! My Mum was the only one who knew and seeing all their faces in shock was so bloody funny! It’s so nice to be home so for today it’s just a few lines. I’ll be heading back on Monday and I’m glad because I do miss my flat mates and a few friends. At the same time though seeing the little ones, my parents, grandparents and my dog (who has been the hardest person to leave even though she is now ignoring me!) but I feel ready to go and be independent I’ve proved that I can do it! So it’s only 2 weeks in but I’ve got through the hardest part and come back with a smile. So yes maybe I am ready to be 19 now and a little more grown up (eek scary). I just wanted them all to know how much I love them and after these few days at home hopefully I’ll be 100% sure I’m doing the right thing. Also don’t forget I get to take a lovely boy back with me as well, that always helps 🙂

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