Sunday Seven: Characters I Want To Cosplay As

I absolutely love going to MCM Comic Con London. I’ve been a few times now and picking a character to cosplay as is always a tricky choice. For my first, I didn’t dress up I simply wore my Hogwarts jumper, for my second I made my first costume going as Rey from Star Wars , my third the Scarlet Witch from the Marvel Universe. I like dressing as strong and inspiring characters. I haven’t included Harry Potter in this list because I also attend Harry Potter nights where I can dress up too!

Princess Leia

Princess Leia was the original badass princess. After meeting Carrie Fisher just weeks before her death, I also want to pay tribute to a wonderful actress, icon and rebel. I can assure you though, I won’t be dressing in the gold bikini!

Arya Stark

When I read Game of Thrones I was instantly fell in love with Arya, small, young and tough. Her costume is definitely going to be tricky but 100% worth it.

Spider Gwen 

This was the first comic book I properly collected, the first time I saw a kick ass female super-hero I absolutely love Spider-Gwen and her character throughout all the comics.

Jyn Erso 

Another Star Wars leading lady, I’d like to eventually have cosplayed all of the female leads in the franchise (although I know Padme isn’t on this list). Jyn was different, I felt that she was more real to me than some of the others because she was just a normal person caught up in a war.

Louise Belcher 

Louise is funny, says what she thinks and wears a great pink rabbit hat…ok maybe I just really want to wear the pink rabbit hat.


What is the world without a little Disney magic? Ariel is my favourite animated Princess, the Little Mermaid was my nickname as a kid and my whole 21st birthday was Little Mermaid themed, it only seems right I would cosplay as her at some point.

Harley Quinn

I’ve been a HQ comic book fan for quite a while, although I haven’t cosplayed as her because of the Suicide Squad hype (I counted 88 Harley’s at the last convention) I really want to dress as Harley because I think she’s a great character and if I had an alter ego, I’d want it to be like her.

What do you want to Cosplay as? Let me know in the comments below!

Sunday Seven: Seven Reasons You Should Go to A Con!


After yesterday’s post, how could I not give you 7 reasons to attend a convention!

A chance to geek out about the things you love 

I love Harry Potter, Star Wars and Marvel and I was surrounded by people who felt the same. If there’s a film, book or comic book of it I can guarantee someone else will share your love of a character.

It’s a chance to dress up and not be judged

You can dress up and you have a reason and no one will judge you when you do! Want to dress up as a character you loved as a kid? Go ahead. Want to be the 12th Kylo Ren at Con? Why not? Want to be a super cool variant of a character? Go you! There is no limit on what you can dress up as at Comic Con.

Artist’s Alley 

So many artists, so much talent. Just look at this beautiful collection of prints, bits and pieces I picked up!

You can meet great celebs

Although you have to pay, there’s a chance to meet some really awesome people you’ve long admired. London Comic Con had Warwick Davis (Star Wars and Harry Potter), Big Bang Theory cast members and more. Previously my friends have met a lot of stars from Doctor Who too!

You can have a GREAT shopping trip

I save up months before a con so that I can spend without worrying because there is SO MUCH I want to buy. My Funko Pop collection always expands, I pick up the art I already mentioned and clothes. There is SO MUCH you can buy though, food, toys, wigs, other costumes, collectables. I’d have to take out a mortgage if I ever went to the San Diego Comic Con.


There are some truly lovely people in the community 

Obviously you won’t love all of the thousands of people at Con BUT I’ve met some lovely people. We go with Ben and Abbie each time but I also meet others. Yesterday I met two ladies who really stood out to me. The first was a girl in a wheelchair, we were both waiting to get in the disabled access toilet and had been locked out (I was using my crutch and SUPER nervous about it). We chatted about going to con with an injury/disability, annoying toilets like that one and just life in general, she was just so lovely. The second was  someone in a beautiful black dress, we saw each other again later and she just had such a lovely smile and seemed so excited that I liked her dress! Most people at Con are absolutely lovely!

There are Con’s all over the world! My next one will be London MCM in October and I honestly can’t wait.

Comic Con Summer 2016!

Today I attended my second ever MCM Comic Con! This was the first time I’ve put together a costume and became a cosplayer! I’ve been sure I wanted to cosplay someone from Star Wars for a while and then I saw The Force Awakens *cough, three times, cough* I was sure I wanted to be Rey. Here was this absolutely incredible character, she was strong, she kicked ass and this was something I could make. So for the past few months Ali and I looked up parts for costumes, Ali’s took a lot more work than mine and is so realistic I can’t begin to describe just how awesome it looks. I was still stitching mine this morning (while Ali had fixed up my awesome hair do) and had to do a few adjustments at Con as well…hey, I’m still learning.

One of the things I love most about Con is how creative people are. You just look at some people and are in awe of their talent and creativity, I hope that one day I can do something so that someone might think that of me. Ali and I did get quite a few comments and smiles through the day. The best part for me though was when I saw kids who thought we were Rey and another Jedi. The kids in my building were left open-mouthed, whispering as we went past ‘They’re Jedi!’, it was so much fun just to see their faces. We were walking around with Ben and Abbie, just looking around, laughing, oh and buying…


Aside from the amazing stacks of Funko Pops around (yes, I have to be very careful with my spending and have saved up for Con for MONTHS before) there is also Artist’s Alley, a hub of incredible talent. I picked up so many different prints and pieces of artwork. It’s hard to explain how amazing it is to see and talk to these artists about their work and get customs done, things like that. You really never know what you’re going to find, it’s something Abbie and I get really excited about it.

It was nice to have Comic Con to look forward to after all the stresses of assignments last month, I just got to hang out with my friends, wear a costume I was comfortable in and just be the huge geek I am inside. Am I already planning October? You bet I am.

My First Comic-Con!


Yesterday I got to go to my first comic-con! I’ve always liked the idea of going but I’d never been into comic books or anything and didn’t know if it was something I’d enjoy. Now I’m collecting comic books, am a self confessed Star Wars nerd as well as Pop collector there really wasn’t a better time to buy some tickets and get down there.

Ali and I decided not to dress up this year partly because we got our tickets quite late and partly because we had no idea what to dress up as anyway…we now have come fab ideas for next year. From Waterloo to the Excel we were surrounded by people in varying degrees of costume, some of which I knew and others I had no idea. I wish I’d got more pictures but I was just so in awe walking around and a little nervous to ask people. Some of the outfits must have taken months to create with weapons, costumes that must have been handmade and some incredible make up that had been done I was truly in awe.

As I said this was mine and Ali’s first time so luckily we had a few great guides who were pros by now…


Our band guitarist and his girlfriend Abbie went as Lady and the Tramp together and although it was sickeningly sweet it was also one of the most original outfits I saw and it worked so well! There was so much to look at and explore that I’m glad that they (as well as Abbie’s lovely friends) could point us in the right direction for an hour or so while we found our feet. We started in Comic Village, there was some phenomenal art work on display and just amazing ideas. I was so jealous that these people could create such amazing displays.

While I didn’t buy comic books, my only purchase in that area being a Doctor Who 11th doctor omnibus part 1, I did go on a bit of a spending spree in regards to Star Wars pops. I finally found my Han Solo! I’ve been looking for him for such a long time because no shops seem to stock him. I also ended up getting Obi Wan, Jedi Luke, Chewie (finally), and Hoth Han, I didn’t intend to get a lod of Star Wars pops and nothing else but these are the ones I haven’t seen a lot of. I was on the lookout for rarer Pops that I’m collecting and so far the Disney ones seem to be pretty easy to pick up and have been showing up in the strangest shops!

Aside from geeking out it was so nice to have a day out with Ali. I love spending time out as a couple, it just makes me so happy. We wanted to also go for a little walk in London but my back was really struggling so instead we went to get some food before both going home and relaxing while slightly falling asleep. All that said I survived, had a great time and here’s to going again!


At the end of the day…

Hello October! – What to expect from


Helllooo my lovelies, we are already into October! I have no idea how September went but I’m really excited for this month. Autumn is my favourite season, it’s just so cute, warm enough and so far London has had blue skies while the leaves are changing ARGH.

I have lots of exciting things planned for this month like

  • My first Horse Riding Society Social
  • First Rides for the newbies
  • Starting my dissertation plan
  • Playing an awesome show for Oxjam charity festival
  • Two concerts to go to and that’s just this week?
  • Comic Con
  • A museum visit
  • London trip
  • Meeting Katie Piper for work!!!

I have so much to do but so much to look forward to as well, I’m really trying to get the most out of my final year with all my friends and having a pretty small timetable.

I’ve also got some great new blogging ideas, as always I’ll be doing this months book haul, some reviews of the new H&M make up range, No People Club news, some more My Big Mouth Posts and as usual you’ll be getting weekly book reviews.

I’m so excited about this month’s blogs and everything to come. As always