Sunday Seven: Characters I Want To Cosplay As

I absolutely love going to MCM Comic Con London. I’ve been a few times now and picking a character to cosplay as is always a tricky choice. For my first, I didn’t dress up I simply wore my Hogwarts jumper, for my second I made my first costume going as Rey from Star Wars , my third the Scarlet Witch from the Marvel Universe. I like dressing as strong and inspiring characters. I haven’t included Harry Potter in this list because I also attend Harry Potter nights where I can dress up too!

Princess Leia

Princess Leia was the original badass princess. After meeting Carrie Fisher just weeks before her death, I also want to pay tribute to a wonderful actress, icon and rebel. I can assure you though, I won’t be dressing in the gold bikini!

Arya Stark

When I read Game of Thrones I was instantly fell in love with Arya, small, young and tough. Her costume is definitely going to be tricky but 100% worth it.

Spider Gwen 

This was the first comic book I properly collected, the first time I saw a kick ass female super-hero I absolutely love Spider-Gwen and her character throughout all the comics.

Jyn Erso 

Another Star Wars leading lady, I’d like to eventually have cosplayed all of the female leads in the franchise (although I know Padme isn’t on this list). Jyn was different, I felt that she was more real to me than some of the others because she was just a normal person caught up in a war.

Louise Belcher 

Louise is funny, says what she thinks and wears a great pink rabbit hat…ok maybe I just really want to wear the pink rabbit hat.


What is the world without a little Disney magic? Ariel is my favourite animated Princess, the Little Mermaid was my nickname as a kid and my whole 21st birthday was Little Mermaid themed, it only seems right I would cosplay as her at some point.

Harley Quinn

I’ve been a HQ comic book fan for quite a while, although I haven’t cosplayed as her because of the Suicide Squad hype (I counted 88 Harley’s at the last convention) I really want to dress as Harley because I think she’s a great character and if I had an alter ego, I’d want it to be like her.

What do you want to Cosplay as? Let me know in the comments below!

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