10 Years in 10 Pictures

Today is a big day for me, personally. Today is 10 years since Ali and I got together as those slightly awkward teenagers that we were. Part of me can’t believe it’s been 10 years, the other part of me can’t imagine what life would be without him. Wow, soppy overload. So, I wanted to take a little trip down memory lane, 10 years in 10 pictures. Here’s to the next decade.


The beginning 

We look so young, this was at school we’d switched jackets (no idea why). I can’t quite believe how different we look. I was 13 and Ali was 14 in this picture.




Trip to Italy with Ali’s Mum. The first time we went abroad together!


Hard Rock Cafe, London!


In the UK you can only go to prom once and it is only with people from your year. So we couldn’t go to prom together but that didn’t stop Ali coming to see me off with a kiss.




Off to Corfu this time for a weeks holiday. Ali’s always in a better mood when we’re away and much more likely to take stupid pictures with me. Including ones with cocktails.




The summer before we both went to uni together!



Band photo shoot, photo by Sophie Hewett

We moved in together in 2014 while studying. We had our little flat in Kingston for 2 years in the end and now, not living together, just feels weird.




Ah, my trip to Athens that was meant to be my first solo trip, then I broke my spine. Ali had to come with me and help me, featuring running through Gatwick airport with me in a wheelchair to make me laugh.




We graduated one day apart. Couldn’t think of anyone else I would have liked to have shared those few days with.




Our fab holiday in Majorca last summer and out first relaxing holiday alone.




A little different to how things have been recently in this heatwave but here’s to 10 years.





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