Spending A Day With Sound Engineers

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that my partner is a Sound Engineer. I’ve visited him at events before, but I’ve never done a full day with him as he works on a job to this scale. He wanted to show me what it was like to do his job and I was not prepared. Could I be a Sound Engineer? No, no I could not – but why?

We left the house at 6.30am – I can’t remember the last time I left the house this early. That was just the start of the day – we didn’t get home for another 21 and a half hours…yep. A quick stop off at McDonald’s and picking up one of Ali’s colleagues and we were on our way.

Me in High Vis

Guys, I’m not kidding this is a serious days work. As much as I joke to Ali about pushing a few buttons it’s intense. There’s the getting set up for a start. Every event you go to there is so much prep. I’m not going to embarrass myself by pretending I know what I’m talking about or trying to explain it. I know that at least some of the guys have read my blog before, they’re going to find this hilarious.

Ali and I Ascot 2018

I’m really lucky that I get to go and see some really cool shows and see what Ali does. Not a lot of people get to go and see what their other half does. I spent the whole day watching, trying to understand and ultimately just being a bit amazed. There was three hours of music (as well as rain) and you’d think after that the day is done…you’d be wrong.

This was about 9pm, the plan at this point was for me to go back to the van while they got to work if I’d helped I would have made the process even longer. I went back to the van and slept, 3 hours later, the boys were back. Hometime? Still no, back to the warehouse so they could unload the trucks. We ended up getting home at 4am.

So, could I join the ranks? Not on your life! Even if I did have the talent that the boys do it is such a full on and intense job. So, next time you go to a show, spare a thought for the teams behind it, they’re pretty great.



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