We have a flat!!

I’m pleased to let you all know we finally have a flat for second year! A deposit has been put down and Ali and I will move in in July at some point. I’ve just called him and said ‘hi roomie’, the thought of moving in with him is so exciting, so nervewracking, so everything. It’s been a really stressful time, trying to get everything done and make the right decisions and I wont lie to you it’s really taken a toll on me mentally. As silly as it seems, something like this alongside my deadlines makes me really stressed, stress makes me anxious and being anxious makes me low. I want to do a top tips blog at some point for things like housing but I’ve been feeling really poorly the last few days and I finally got to sleep at 5 this morning, so I’m writing this only half awake.


Here’s to the future.  

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