Heathers The Musical

Heathers The Musical


Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to go and see Heathers the Musical last weekend with my bestie Abbie. We are both big fans of Carrie Hope Fletcher and went to see her in The Addams Family last year. Now, when this was announced I had no idea what The Heathers was, I had never heard of it…so how did it come to be one of my favourite musicals of all time?

If you didn’t know (I didn’t) The Heathers was a film in the 1980s. Think of an 80s, much darker Mean Girls, which we all know is one of my favourite films. It sounded interesting but at the time I couldn’t afford tickets, so I put it to the back of my mind. Then Abbie got tickets for her birthday, asked me to go. I looked up what it was about and thought ok that 10 minutes is all I’m giving myself. I was going to see The Heathers.

Now, this musical has made an impact. I saw it on the last night of playing at The Other Palace, it’s now going to the West End! And it so, so deserves it. This musical is one of the best I’ve ever seen. An incredible story, catchy songs and the best atmosphere I’ve ever been in watching a musical. That and it’s also absolutely hilarious.

Carrie Hope Fletcher is Veronica. She takes this character and makes her come alive with all of her complicated thoughts and feelings. And that voice! Of course, I’m not going to spoil any moment of this musical for you but there is definitely a part of Veronica in all of us. Additionally, each and every member of that cast were incredible, I have some new favourites to keep an eye on. They were absolutely flawless.

I have to mention, however, there was one scene that gave me LIFE. It involves Veronica, confidence and her bra. Carrie has mentioned before she had some nerves about that scene as she’s not as tiny as some musical theatre actresses. The audience screamed. I’m around the same size as Carrie and she looked damn hot. Curvy girls or the win!

When watching I felt such a connection, the play reminded me a lot of my own school days, in the lyrics of the opening song ‘This ain’t no high school, this is the Thunderdome’. So I was not the coolest kid in school…and I particularly remembered being told by some of the more popular girls in school they were all going to wear denim mini skirts, they had told me this, I’d be cool! Can I point out I was 13. Long story short I thought I looked amazing in my glittery skirt and blue fitted top…I was called a slut all day and hid in the toilet and cried until my Mum bought me some jeans. Yeah.

Anyway, the reason for that story. I could relate to Veronica, her confusion, her feelings of wanting to be popular and wanting to be a good person. I bet a lot of people have been there. If you have a chance you won’t regret going to see it. There are still some tickets at the time of writing here.

Want a sneak peek of some of the action? I’ve posted below a performance from West End Live in June!

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