Sunday Seven: My Busy Week!

Ever since I got back from Majorca, my life has been so damn busy! To the point where I worried my blog was suffering because I was getting home and just falling asleep. This week, in particular, has been so busy but also a lot of fun, so for something a little different I wanted to share with you a snippet from my super busy week!



While I was staying at my Mum’s house sitting, Wickett and I had some quality time and he started to fall asleep in my hand. This was a BIG deal, Wickett hates being picked up, he really doesn’t like it. So for him to cuddle up and let me hold him was huge. I really wanted Ali to see and cuddle him and this week Ali to have the cuddle too!


Goth lipstick of dreams 

When I was a teenager I wanted to be a full emo/goth but I was never quite brave enough to get black lipstick. I found some for a pound and decided what the hell. Who knows when I’ll wear it (it was to go see the Addams family but it was raining and smudgy). My Dad says this picture makes it look like I’m in a movie, I’m down with that.


New Harry Potter Pops! 

There are new Funko pops. I may have pre ordered one or two…oops.


Dinner with friends 

Ali works most weekends in the summer, which means organising going out with friends can be difficult. We finally managed to lock down an evening where the four of us could go to dinner at a local pub. Look at this dessert though. Nom.


Sonia’s leaving tea party

I’m going to be taking over from a lovely lady called Sonia while she is on maternity leave. We had an absolutely adorable tea party for her on Friday with cakes, biscuits and tea. It was all so adorable and tasted so good. I think the whole office was on a sugar crash at the end of the day.


My first work night out 

That evening I went for my first Indian! I know, I’m 22 years old and have never had an Indian. I had the best time chatting, eating and drinking with my new colleagues. I also had the first glass of wine I’ve ever really enjoyed. New woman, right here.



The Addams Family Musical! 

Abbie and I went to Southampton for her birthday surprise! I’ve had these tickets for MONTHS and it was so hard not telling her, I almost burst on her birthday last week because I was so excited. I’m a huge fan of Carrie Hope Fletcher who played Wednesday Addams, she didn’t disappoint!


I wish I could say this week was going to be a slower one, but I’d be wrong with dinners, writing and Pride! Here’s to a busy summer!

Sunday Seven: My Most Watched Youtubers

There’s no doubt that Youtubers have become a big deal. You can’t walk around a shopping centre without seeing something to do with a Youtuber. I’m not the most up to date, although my sister does try to tell me who’s ‘cool’ in the YouTube world. So I thought I’d share my seven favourite Youtubers…so far!

Emma Blackery  (also over on Vloggery)

I’ve been watching Emma since my first year at university. Her Youtube has changed a lot over the years and is a mix of comedy, real life, lifestyle and music! If you want someone who speaks their mind, gives good advice and funny videos Emma is your gal!

Cece @ Problemsofabooknerd 

The first book vlogger. I LOVE Cece so much. She’s got a great taste in books and if just great to watch. She’s also very big on promoting Own Voices and LGBTQ books which has lead me to some great novels. Also, I’m in love with her and her girlfriend and thier Funko connection.

Catriona @ LittleBookOwl

Catriona is another book Vlogger I LOVE! She’s an Australian vlogger who again has great taste in books that I wouldn’t usually read. I also love watching her readathon posts too!

Carrie Hope Fletcher @ It’s Way Past My Bedtime

Musical theatre, Disney and just general sunniness. Carrie is what I need on a bad day and what. a. voice. Currently her ‘Watch Me Wednesdays’ posts are my fave!

Giovanna Fletcher @ Giovanna’s World 

Gi is an author and Mum and I absolutely love watching her vlog because it just seems to real. I haven’t read any of Gi’s fiction novels but loved her latest Happy Mum, Happy Baby . She’s real and funny what’s not to love.

Tom Fletcher 

I wasn’t hugely into Mcfly but the above video is the first I cam across. Tom’s weekly vlogs are great and he’s just a genuinely nice guy.

Cherry Wallis 

Cherry is a great lifestyle vlogger with a Harry Potter obsession. I always watch her monthly roundups and Primark hauls in particular. Also Cherry is an incredible Special FX make-up artist.

Book Review: On The Other Side – Carrie Hope Fletcher


“No, I won’t be hopeless. I am full of hope. I’m a HopeFUL. – Evie Snow”

Evie is 82 years old, so when she finds herself at a former home and is 27 again she’s more than a little surprised. The truth is that Evie has passed away in her sleep and she is in ‘heaven’s waiting room’, because her soul is restless, Evie has to make her peace the three ways before she can enter heaven. Evie soon knows what she has to do and that to do so she’s going to need the help of some of the people she loves most.

I’ve been a follower of Carrie’s youtube channel for quite a while now and also bought her first book All I Know Now, although I gave this to my sister as I felt a little old for it. So, knowing that this was going to be her first novel I was excited when I picked it up in my local Waterstones. I’m not usually someone who buys novels that mention love stories on the back BUT I was intrigued by what this novel would be like. I was definitely impressed, the novel made me think it would be quite fluffy but it wasn’t it dealt with heartbreak, expectation and doing what is right.

I loved the idea of her ‘own private heaven’, I’m very sceptical of books about heaven, because I don’t believe that it’s this one huge place, it just wouldn’t work. Carrie, however, has really thought this out. Her character goes back to the time that she was truly happy, her own personal heaven, which may surprise people in regards to who is there and who is not. She’s also taken care of the problem of ‘automatic heaven’, at one point in the novel we see what can happen when a person’s soul is restless and doesn’t deal with what it left behind. It also has a message for all of us, to try and make peace with the things we know are wrong in our lives.

I definitely had mixed feelings about the love in the plot line – but I think that’s personal preference. This is a love story, but it’s also much more than just a romantic love. I completely understand why the character did what she did BUT at one point I just wanted to shout no! That said, it was right for the ending of the novel, even if it did cause a bit of heartache for the reader. I would have liked to have known more about Evie’s life with her children and brother but can understand why they were pushed aside slightly in the novel, simply because of the main point of the plot.

The novel very much has Carrie’s voice to it. I could almost hear her reading it to me, it has her bubbly tone and optimistic outlook on life. There are also some parts (not character related) that seemed to have a Disney quality to them, such as the way that Evie has to settle her problems, this magical element just adds to the story. One thing to be mindful of this that the writing can come across a little young, although I wouldn’t say this was a bad thing. This is Carrie’s first novel and so I feel that she’s trying to determine her writing style, it’s still fab but I feel like it’s worth mentioning because for a first novel this is pretty incredible.

I gave this 4 stars! I really liked this novel and it pleasantly surprised me. I was slightly nervous when picking it up but it really is a charming novel that is well thought out and easy to fall in love with. I’ll definitely be picking up any of Carrie’s future novels because she clearly has a talent for writing as well as her many others!