Life Update: Kidney Stones

I wasn’t planning on a post today, I haven’t actually been able to concentrate on much today because I was told yesterday that I have Kidney Stones. Yep, that’s now a thing. I’d never really thought about them, I don’t think most people will until they have them and then they give you absolute hell.

I’m now towards the end of my third day of pain and it’s hard to describe. When it first started happening at work on Thursday I told my colleague I thought I was going to die. In the past 3 days I’ve had numerous calls with my GP, two misdiagnosis’s, tests and a hospital visit and not a lot of sleep through it all. It’s pretty rough.

So, why am I writing about this? I don’t know how long this will take to get sorted. Hopefully, it can be dealt with quickly and without any procedures or surgery but it’s a waiting game. If you’re a regular reader you have nothing to fear, scheduled blogs will carry on, I might just be a little quieter on Twitter.

That’s where I’m at and I wanted to keep my lovely readers updated so you know I haven’t disappeared!



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