So, What Happened?

While I may have been posting blogs, you might have noticed I disappeared from my Twitter a bit in the last few weeks. I wrote a post updating you all that I had Kidney Stones a day after that I was back in hospital, turns out it wasn’t Kidney Stones. After a few days in the hospital, it turns out my Ovaries had a tantrum, grew a cyst and it burst.

So, it turns out that Ovary owners can grow cysts, that’s pretty common. Most of the time they’ll deal with themselves, we don’t even know about them, happy days. Not if you’re me, apparently. If you’re unlucky, they can grow and either twist or burst, causing pain that I can’t describe. My boyfriend commented that I was making sounds like I was in labor…can confirm that’s not happening.

While in hospital I felt very appreciative of the NHS. I had to see professionals 4 times and then was admitted, had a range of tests, a bed and care plus aftercare. I didn’t pay a penny. Was I terrified when I arrived and was on nil by mouth as prep for potential surgery? Of course, I was but I think I would have been even more scared if I had to think of the costs.

I was pretty sick, it’s taken me a few weeks to get back to myself and be able to go out again. It also made me reevaluate a lot of things. How I’m looking after my self (spoiler, not well). I have a lot of things to work on but I’ve healed, I need another check up to work out what exactly happened but I’m hoping things will get better again.

So, that’s that! Now I’ll be back to normal.

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