I’ve Been Hiding My Face!

I've Been Hiding My Face

Me on a good day!


If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed something. I like a good selfie when I feel good. I’ll show a new lipstick, hairstyle etc. But recently I’ve been shying away from the camera or at least I’ve been trying to hide a certain part in particular.

In the past few months, I have struggled with my skin and, it’s really impacted my confidence. I was piling on foundation to go to interviews and go to work. I was thinking of ways to cover the bottom of my face in pictures. This was completely new territory for me and I wanted to hide, I’d never had acne before!

I often try and promote body positivity, loving yourself and the like, but I also want to be honest. Of course, I have hang-ups about my body, who doesn’t. This was different though. I couldn’t work out why this kept happening and the spots growing and growing across my face. I hadn’t really dealt with it in my teenage years.

I spent so long trying to work out the cause and how it had changed so suddenly and taken my confidence with it. I’ve managed to get it down to a few potential factors, hormone changes due to a change in contraceptive and stress from losing my job being the main two.

After I’d gotten a new job and was feeling a little better I started thinking about all the time I spent putting makeup on. All the time I spent worrying about my skin and what other people thought I decided I’d had enough. I wanted to let my skin breathe. So I stopped wearing makeup to work and you know what? The world didn’t implode. I know can you believe it?

I’d got so caught up in my appearance I forgot that I wasn’t going to work or seeing friends because of my looks. I didn’t get hired for clear skin; I got hired for what I can do. I’m still self-conscious about my skin, but I’m working on it because there is so much more to life.

How do you feel about your skin? Is it something that you worry about? Let me know in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “I’ve Been Hiding My Face!

  1. Liz says:

    Two years ago, I started getting acne, which I thought was strange because I was 25 and you’re only supposed to get acne when you’re a teenager. Wrong! Now I have it all in check, but it took some trial and error to find the right products that helped clear my skin.

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  2. Kristina says:

    Beautifully written!
    I was mainly lucky to never have acne as a teenager, nor ever. Only a few bumps here and there which resolved when I got on birth control at 16. However, when my anxiety rose up at ~20 i had a huge rash from the middle of my cheek down to my mouth., it was horrible! And it was worse in anxiety crises, which I haven’t been diagnosed for yet at that time.. and while I was working in the produces of a grocery store, im sure you can imagine how poorly I felt aswell 😪 couldn’t even put foundations on that as it was already all dried and itchy – and one of our younger guys even asked me about it (!!!!!!!!)
    As I got better, so did the rash. Stress and anxiety can have nasty effect of your body..

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  3. ZoeAlyce says:

    I’ve been there! Mine was due to hormonal changes, and a different form of pill. Proactive got rid of my acne, but it also took the colour out of my face washes. And now that I’ve stopped using it, my skin is so dry that I need to moisture three times a day.
    My skin always seems to go from one extreme to the next. So you’re not alone.

    Don’t stress about it too much, you look beautiful 😘

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