Long Distance Love: When They Come Back



Today marks a week since Ali got home from tour and he’s already been back out at work again today! It’s been a really busy and weird week for a few reasons, mostly because I got quite sick on his second day home and had to go to the hospital. That was a homecoming he wasn’t expecting!

But how does it feel to have him home? Well, a mix of feelings. I’m so happy he’s home and that it feels like home again. Relieved because now I have someone to talk to again and cuddle when I need it. Also, weird, I got so used to just doing my own thing and not having anyone around that the first few days felt strange, almost like we were both being too nice to each other.

It was definitely an adjustment, for Ali, having time to chill out and not having a strict time plan for each day like he had for a few months (as well as not going to bed at 2am every day) and for me having to think before I put my speakers on in the morning or just came home and went straight to my computer.

Overall though, I think it was good for us. We both had our own lives for the past 2 months and were forced to be without each other. I realised that I can manage on my own, he seems to have realised he’s not as introverted as he once was.

As much as I think it was a good experience, I’m so, so glad I have him at home for a few weeks before he goes off overnight again. Sharing the bed might be a pain, but it’s worth it for the cuddles in the morning!

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