Getting the job.


As of yesterday morning I am officially employed! For the past few weeks I’ve been having interviews for a Marketing position that I really, really wanted and the waiting has been driving me crazy. I applied for a job with a tech based company on Linkedin last month, I thought it looked interesting and had the attitude of ‘why not’. I knew it was a long shot, this wasn’t a small position, there was a lot of responsibility and over 80 people had already applied, but what did I have to lose? The worst they could say was no. So I sent off my Linkedin profile and didn’t think much of it until my email pinged about an hour later, it was someone from the company wanting to talk further. Later that evening he called and I had a phone interview there and then on the spot, an hour later I had my instructions come up with a social media plan example and come into the office in a week and a bit and let’s have a look. I was floored. Absolutely floored. Fast Forward to the first face to face interview, I fell in love with the location and got on with my interviewer before being invited back for another face to face interview with the head of the company. Score. So a few days later I met him and had another interview, alongside chatting about other things, no huge scary interview and lots of pressure, not only did it set the tone for the company but it excited me.

I’ll be honest I’ve been scared about finding a job, not so much because I thought I wouldn’t get one, but I was worried I’d just have to go somewhere I didn’t like to make a living. I spent a lot of my teenage years in a job where I was unhappy, then I came to uni and felt the happiness of having a job that I enjoyed and felt like I was doing something productive, not selling cheap clothes that fall apart. Finding Exonar was like a dream come true, they’re a smallish company, full of nice people (as I found out yesterday) and I can really sink my teeth into something without knowing I was on a years contract. I haven’t officially started yet but I’m excited and nervous and I haven’t felt like this since before I went to uni. I get to be in Marketing after a stack of rejections that I didn’t have enough experience.

It’s like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I know I’m going to be ok and hopefully be in a positive environment too! I’m trying to put into words just how excited I am but I don’t know how! All I know is I can’t wait for a new chapter to begin.

6 thoughts on “Getting the job.

  1. ZoeDoesLife says:

    ah I’m so jealous, this sounds like a dream job of mine! Can I ask, what did you study at uni? I’m trying to get into a media/marketing type roll and I keep getting told that I don’t have enough experience or I don’t get a reply at all and I’m just trying to figure out what to do to get experience πŸ™‚


    • chloemetzger says:

      Thanks Zoe. I studied English Lit at uni but have been working as a Social Media Coordinator for the past year within my uni and have done various bits and pieces to help the central marketing team over the past 3 years. It might be worth offering some time to a charity or something if you have the time, if not look out for jobs like Social Media Coordinator, it’s normally a smaller role but you can get a lot of good experience in marketing. Also don’t be afraid to apply for things that you don’t necessarily tick all the boxes for, that’s what I did for this job. The worst they can say is no :). Also mention your blog and how you market that, it’s all experience. Good Luck! πŸ™‚


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