Sunday Seven: My Seven Favourite Things About Up North

I’m writing this post tucked up in Ali’s grandparent’s living room in Durham. We try and make the trip as often as we can, hopefully yearly and I absolutely LOVE it up here. Despite the fact I’m always cold there’s so much about being in the North that I love, here are just 7 things. IMG_2337

The Angel of the North

Isn’t she beautiful? An iconic part of the North and strong as hell, just like the people who surround her.


The People

Miller’s are good people. I love spending time with Ali’s family and everyone up here is lovely. It also makes me happy as I have family that came from Newcastle so a little bit of me is from here too.


The Buildings

I love taking walks around Durham and Newcastle because the buildings are absolutely beautiful, look at this street. There’s also castles and loads of different bridges around too so you can really admire the changing times.


Ali’s Gran’s cooking

Ali’s gran makes excellent cakes, this weekend we’ve been treated to chocolate cake with jam and cream. I’ve been taking notice so hopefully I’ll be a cak baking expert soon.



There’s something about this city that is magical. We took a long walk yesterday (despite my back protesting most of the way) and there’s so much to see and so many cute shops, the castle, museums and restaurants.



There is so much history up here, this is a super old picture (back when I was still at school!) of Ali and I at Hadrian’s Wall, a big set of Roman ruins. There’s also Beamish museum which is a live action museum, train museums. Basically if you like history there’s a lot to do up here.


Being called Pet 

This is, and always will be, one of my favourite parts of coming up north. I love being called pet by Ali’s gran, it makes me feel all cute and adorable.

Have you been up North or do you live up here? What are your favourite parts?

Meet Noodle and Hamski


After months and months of me begging, pestering and pleading with Ali I finally got a yes. Not to a wedding proposal, to something much cooler. I would like to announce the adoption of Noodle and Hamski, my two Russian Dwarf hamsters. Some people announce babies…I announce hamsters.

Ali and I have joked about having hamsters for years and calling them Noodle and Hamski, I don’t even remember how that started! We’d had a few discussions for the last year about them and I always got told no,no,no. As soon as he changed his mind I was in a car and down to Wimbledon to pick out my two. Initially I chose the other two but as I put my hand in for them to sniff it was Hamski who came up to me so there was one. The other two kept running away and although Noodle was pretty nervous, eventually I got my second. That’s what I do with animals, if there is more than one I let them choose me, it was exactly the same with Lottie she licked my hand and she was ours for keeps.

They’re lovely little things and already have their own personalities, Hamski is braver and more friendly, Noodle runs like a mad thing but doesn’t like humans that much…apart from Ali for some reason. That said in the car Hamski would not stop making noise and scratching at the boxes, I think that one is going to be trouble.




Hamski chilling

I’m so excited and you can all expect to see lots more hamster updates soon!!

The power of animals


It’s amazing how animals can change your life as well as your mood. Today is my dog Lottie’s 7th birthday (which is 49 in dog years…I think), she’s one of my best and most loyal friends. Lottie is the first dog my family has had, she’s been there for me no matter what and knows when I just need a cuddle. I think saying goodbye to the dog was the hardest when I moved.

I love telling the story of how we got her, let me start by saying I didn’t even want a dog (my cat had gone missing a while earlier and I was still adamant he’d come back). So we go to the dog rescue and because of my sisters age they decide were allowed to see the puppies. I think there was 6 of them in total, 4 boys and 2 girls, one of them being my girl. I went towards them and this little hyper one pushes it’s way to the front and starting licking my hand…that was Lottie.

While I’m in London I don’t have any pets, unless you count Ali, so when I’m sad I’m left to my own devices unless I’m outside and next doors cats say hello. That is until I started riding. Before my lesson today I felt really low, stressed after last nights recording session and on the verge of a panic attack. Amy cheered me up but once I got on the horse I was left to stay still and wait for my instructor, I started stroking Jemima, the horse I’d had on my first ever ride. I calmed down, went for my lesson and came out feeling like everything had just gone away, it’s the magic of animals.

There’s a reason a lot of people recommend pets or work with animals for depressed people, animals never judge. They just look to you for love, care and somehow they know when you’re not feeling right.

So Happy Birthday to my beautiful Lottie Lou and thank you to Jim-Jim for being the wonderful horse she is.