10 Signs you may be a book addict.


1. You have at least one (very large) pile of unread books in your home, this slowly keeps getting added to.

2. The bookcase is NEVER big enough.

3. When people say they ‘don’t read’ you want to throw all the books you love at them because you stubbornly believe they just haven’t found the right one yet.

4. You have been known to want to stay in with a good book rather than go outside and see actual people.

5. You will happily own the same book with various different covers because you love it so much, have you seen the anniversary editions and the clothbound editions and the new introduction?!?!?

6. Going into a bookshop is the most exciting, yet calming experience. CAN YOU SMELL THAT NEW BOOK SMELL

7. On that note walking into a bookshop is also incredibly expensive…goodbye money.

8. You leave films VERY angry if they haven’t even attempted to be like the book.

9. You worry that there simply isn’t enough space on Kindles.

10. You’ve decided that your perfect house would have it’s own library.

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