My 7 Top Tips To Read More

My 7 Top Tips To Read More

I have had a lot of messages recently about how much I read and how on earth do I read so much. Partially, it’s because I’ve been posting my reading updates on Instagram (don’t forget to follow me here) with everything I finish and so far, so good for 2020!

So I thought why not pop it in a blog and share with you guys how I get through an average of 100 books per year.

Read short books to get you in the swing of things

There is no point in starting War and Peace if you’re not a regular reader of you’ve been in a bit of a slump. Shorter books are a great way to get into a story and feel a sense of accomplishment that you’ve finished a book!

Read what you enjoy!

Love romance books? Go for it. Think YA is incredible? I agree? Or maybe you want to read about farms in the 1800s? You do you. There can be a lot of snobbery over what people read but, honestly, it’s no one else’s business if you enjoy it.

Join a Book Club

I took a chance, joined a book club and met some of my closest friends as well as being introduced to some of my new favourite books like A Winter’s Promise.

Book clubs are great to encourage you and introduce you to books that you might not have tried otherwise. Also the good ones also have sweet treats, just saying.

Absorb books in the best way for you

Hardback, paperback, ebook, audiobook – they’re all ways of enjoying a book. Some people enjoy listening and get more from it.

Take a book with you wherever you go

This is where the Kindle app is great because you’ve always got a book on you as long as you have your phone and you can get books for as little as 99p!

Or just put a read in your bag so if you get delayed/ are waiting for something/ have a quiet lunch break and are in the mood to read.

Set time aside to read

Whenever works for you but if you really want to read make time for it. For me, it’s normally in the evenings so I can get away from screens and chill out.

I also used to use any time I was on a train or bus because the only other thing I could do was sit on my phone. I’d probably read a lot more if I didn’t have my phone…

Goal orientated? Set that goal!

If goals work for you – set one. Even if it’s 1 book for the whole year or , if you’re completely mad like me, 100 books. I love having a goal and tracking them on Goodreads and it really motivates me to keep reading when I’m in a slump.

10 Signs you may be a book addict.


1. You have at least one (very large) pile of unread books in your home, this slowly keeps getting added to.

2. The bookcase is NEVER big enough.

3. When people say they ‘don’t read’ you want to throw all the books you love at them because you stubbornly believe they just haven’t found the right one yet.

4. You have been known to want to stay in with a good book rather than go outside and see actual people.

5. You will happily own the same book with various different covers because you love it so much, have you seen the anniversary editions and the clothbound editions and the new introduction?!?!?

6. Going into a bookshop is the most exciting, yet calming experience. CAN YOU SMELL THAT NEW BOOK SMELL

7. On that note walking into a bookshop is also incredibly expensive…goodbye money.

8. You leave films VERY angry if they haven’t even attempted to be like the book.

9. You worry that there simply isn’t enough space on Kindles.

10. You’ve decided that your perfect house would have it’s own library.

What else do you think? Leave in the comments section below!