Goodbye 2014, what a year!

I may have been a little rubbish at uploading lately but as it’s New Years Eve tonights post has to go up on time. For the last few years if I’ve been in tonight is almost always one in which I reflect on a lot of things, not always in a positive way. I remembered earlier thought that writing my last blog of the year cheered me up immensely last year, because sometimes you forget just how much you achieved in the space of a year and, well, I’m damn proud of myself this year.


  • I went back to halls
  • Attempted going out again
  • Got my first ever First
  • Went to the Harry Potter studio tour
  • Got nominated for a KU Talent award
  • Bonded with the boys
  • Met You Me at Six!


  • I didn’t see much sleep or  have much relaxation time
  • Had 2 days of meeting and seeing We Are the In Crowd
  • Saw Taylor Swift
  • Got shortlisted for a KU Talent award.


  • Got evacuated from my flat and ended up in hospital
  • Got the best job in the world as a Student Ambassador
  • Recorded
  • Went to the KU Talent awards
  • Failed my driving test (but that’s ok!)
  • Took my sister to Fall Out Boy
  • Spoke out about Mental Health!


  • Found mine and Ali’s first home
  • Started teaching
  • Took control of my illness.


  • Learnt some basic sign language
  • Went back into the studio
  • Decided I didn’t want to be a secondary school teacher
  • Passed my driving test!!
  • Slowly started going out.


  • Learnt how to make amazing cupcakes
  • Last practice session for a while
  • Got dropped on my head (literally)
  • Worked a lot
  • Made some amazing friends
  • f
  • Fell in love with TFIOS again
  • Left halls (yay!)
  • Adopted Rhys for a few months.


  • Headed back to Basingstoke
  • Passed first year with a First!
  • Took my first trip to Windsor
  • Got reunited with the boys
  • Played Basingstoke Live!
  • Nearly broke my wrist after having an implication with the wall
  • Picked up the keys to my flat
  • Celebrated my sisters 13th birthday!


  • Bagged a magazine internship for next year
  • Met up with the girls in London for dinner and The Shard
  • Found out a job wasn’t for me…but found a place in the Ambassador team I loved
  • Went to Reading Festival
  • Celebrated 6 years 🙂


  • Worked a lot
  • Focused on getting myself healthy
  • Had a whole week of birthday celebrations to turn 20
  • Became a second year
  • Had more fun with some fab friends!


  • Played more gigs
  • Took long walks
  • Saw Ed Sheeran live
  • Wrote a letter to a friend
  • Started Horse Riding
  • Had some fab nights out!


  • Got myself a Macbook
  • Celebrated Ali’s 21st Birthday
  • Fell in love with some animals
  • Went to my first rugby match
  • Saw Tonight Alive (again).


  • Booked a hell of a lot of gigs for No People Club
  • Took part in my first Gymkhana
  • Saw Russell Howard live twice!
  • Had an amazing meal with friends
  • Got a fair bit of good news
  • Went home for Christmas! 🙂

This isn’t even everything. When I take time to just look at how much I’ve done I’m immensely proud of how far I’ve come in a year. I have the most amazing group of friends, a band that’s going from strength to strength and a strong support network. I know that new year, like this one is going to have challenges, my illness doesn’t disappear for the holidays, but I have hope and experience on my side. 2015 is looking quite promising, No People Club with be all over the place, more recording, more fun. The girls and I have some great things planned. There are some big birthdays coming up, my 21st being one of them! I’ve gone from hiding in my falt for days, to having a great social life and friends who understand.

So here’s to 2015, thank you for a great year and I wish you all the absolute best.

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