Boxing Day

I am aware that some of my readers don’t have Boxing Day as we do in the UK, basically for me it involved a lot of shopping, a lot of food and more relaxing…kind of like a second christmas. As you’re all aware it’s a bit antisocial to blog on Christmas day…well apparently. So I had to wait until today to talk to you lovely lot! Yesterday was fun, the best Christmas morning I’ve had in a long time. This year I really was spoilt by my family and Ali, A new stereo, purse, nice coat, DVDs, some clothes, my riding hat, a load of horsey things. I felt really loved and lucky as well as ecstatic that I could really enjoy Christmas morning. Although the rest of my family got a little bit more than merry and things became entertaining to say the least, I was grateful more than anything for my health.


Does someone think I like horses? 


I almost couldn’t fit all of the presents in one picture! Spoilt! 


My sister and I with our grandparents..complete with onesie

So while Mum had a little bit more sleep I got my sister up bright and early and headed into the sales, coming home with exactly what I wanted! I didn’t go mad this year because Ali’s clothes apparently have to fit in the wardrobe too…spoil sport! The rest of tonight will be spent cuddle up with Ali before he goes back to Kingston again tomorrow. Tomorrow for me means getting my new stereo fitted and a trip to the riding shop!


Today’s purchases

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