I am not ashamed.

Today I had to do something I’ve never had the courage to do. I was honestly with an employer about my mental health. I stood up for making myself feel better and I’m hoping I’ve made the right choice. I’ve left my job on the hotline because it wasn’t right for me and honestly it was too much. I’ve got some other things going on helping out in a different department that won’t be so emotionally stressful on me. 

I am not ashamed of who I am. I have an illness that can be medically treated and I’m registered with that illness. Just because it is in my head does not mean I should lie or cover up about it, although I’ve been guilty in the past of doing this. Mental illness is something that many people don’t understand and many people don’t know how to handle it. I was very well treated when I explained to my boss and he was very good about it and said feel free to re apply for the position when I felt better and in a place to deal with the emotional demands. 

I wanted to share a success story because there aren’t many. I don’t know how much I’ll talk about my illness when I go into full time work in a few years and it’s true it does depends on who and where you work as to how you are treated. I am not embarrassed and not ashamed because although I have an awful time I can still bring things to a company, sometimes that others won’t have thought of. 

I am me and I am not ashamed.

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