Living with me (poem)

Living with me 

Two sugars and milk please, 

of course you know that you decided to live with me. 

I like bright colours, 

you like black. 

I like diet coke, 

you like full fat. 

What am I talking about all this crap? 

I suppose I should tell you what you really need to know. 

I’m not always easy to live with,

but I hope you won’t go. 

Sometimes I get grumpy, 

Sometimes I’m up all night, 

Sometimes I’ll sleep half the day 

and others I’ll be like a child wanting to play. 

You know I’m not simple, 

You know I can be a pain 

but living with you, I think things can change. 

I think I might smile more, 

Eat a little better too, 

Really I’m hoping to get a lot better, 

I’ve already started 

and that’s all because of you. 

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