In the news: Well loved actor Robin Williams dead aged 63

The world woke up this morning to the tragic news that comedy icon Robin Williams has been found dead in his home. As if that wasn’t cruel enough, the cause of death is currently being deemed suicide pending a coroners report. A man that made so many of us laugh had been struggling with deep depression for a long period of his life and had recently checked in to a rehab clinic to try and beat his daemons once again.

Williams was known for a variety of roles, a graduate from the prestigious Juilliard school of the arts, went on to dazzle the world with his comic genius. While many will remember him for his time as an alien, my generation will fondly miss the voice of Genie and for me personally, Mrs Doubtfire. I have fond memories of watching the film over and over again always laughing at the same points.

The world has lost someone truly great and in the world of comedy he can never be replaced.

Rest in Peace, your legacy will live on.

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