Happy Birthday Harry I owe you one!

I should start this post by saying that actually I owe J K Rowling one, as without her Harry would not exist. Like many of my generation I am a Harry Potter fan, although my dedication may be slightly bordering on obsessive. It’s funny because when I was 7 I wasn’t bothered by it, I didn’t understand the hype of all the movies. I think that changed when I picked up one of the books at some point. I fell in love with it, I read them all again and again and then I became obsessed. I have literally boxes and boxes of the Harry Potter stuff I’ve collected over the years. 

I don’t know what it is about those books that made me sit every summer and read each and every one cover to cover. I don’t know how J K Rowling managed to capture not only a few kids but the entire world with a slightly dorky hero, his lanky best friend and a know it all with a big heart. Actually no, as I write that I do know it’s because we could relate to them and growing up as much as I wanted to be a Ginny, I’ve always been and accepted that I am a Hermione and that’s okay. These books shaped me without me even realising and I love them so much they do not move from my parents house (I don’t even take them to uni in case they get damaged) and that feels odd. I was that geeky kid with her nose stuck in a book with a play want at her side trying to make her socks levitate (true story). I would pour over anything Harry Potter I could, went mad at Harry Potter Land USA then almost burst with pride at the Studio Tour.

I could write about Harry Potter and the world Jo created for pages and pages but I won’t.So to Harry and Jo, Happy Birthday and thank you so, so much. 


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