The last time for a while


After practising/hanging out all week, today was the day where we had to say goodbye for a little while. Practice was at 10am (and we all actually made it on time this time)  and frankly we were all shattered, aching in one way or another but we really wanted to do this. Practice might have only lasted 2 hours but it was so much fun, this week I don’t think I’ve ever been happier making music in my life. I’m with people who love and support me and I couldn’t help but hear just how much my voice has grown in a year, I’m much more aware of it than I used to be. By today I could actually see this as becoming a job for me, we all left happy with goodbye hugs for Dan and Ben :(.


Another selfie attempt 


We’re a loving band… 

Rhys has a mic! 


The closest I could get to a smile from Ali 

Today was just a great day though, I woke up feeling happy, the sun was shining, music playing and all of us just laughed and had fun. I sound so reflective but I can appreciate the songs  more than ever as I’m getting better. I can feel more deeply about them, without getting sucked into some of the unhappier times.

I also got two lots of good news today, not only have I been offered a different interview slot for the student caller job (which I have found out that another person I know has also gotten to the second stages of 🙂 ) I also received another result today… another first for writing and rhetoric!!! 75 out of 100! I could not be happier, I was really absorbed in that essay and my hard work paid off, I am so, so happy. That’s 3 down and one to go…fngers crossed!

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