D Day Veteran shows the Great British spirit lives on

Photo tweeted by Gracewell Healthcare of Bernard Jordan who went missing and was found at the D-Day memorial service in France

Then and now ( all rights reserved to Gracewell Healthcare) 

Most 90 year old men would be content with a nice cup of tea and a comfy chair, then again most men are not Bernard Jordan. In defiance of the mere idea he may not be able to join his fellow soldiers Mr Jordan set off alone to stand on the beaches and pay his respects to the comrades that lost their lives. With his war medals tucked away under his coat Mr Jordan made the trip once more with pride, however, causing panic when he was reported as missing later that evening.

Although an extraordinary tale this, to me, shows the true spirit of the British military. From an age where men and women simply got on and held their heads high while fighting fresh out of their teens and some only just out of childhood. We must remember that if it wasn’t for those brave young men in Normandy we would not have the freedom we have today and I dread to imagine what would happen if they had not fought so tirelessly and won the war.

As I watched the men on television it made my heart ache, very few could even imagine what they say on that fateful day and how they felt. Although the papers were full of quotes stating that to them it was their job, nothing more, nothing less we owe it to them to remember every sacrifice. It was clear that memories were running through their minds as they stood proud and remembered, many said the same thing, the heroes were the ones who didn’t come home.

And so to the men who fought, the women who nursed I thank you. This country is what it is today thanks to the brave and skilled military, one that is still one of the best in the world. It may have been just a job to you but for us it was freedom.

Chloe Metzger

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