Backing vocals and bumps on the head

I was of the mindset today that I’d get some much done and it would be exciting and fab and I’d get the last song of the EP finished, hooray! Things didn’t exactly go to plan with some late starts and me feeling really sick for some reason but we powered on through and got going! For a while it was going well, I wasn’t getting the tone I wanted though so I kept warming up and hoping it would come with time.

While I was feeling/being sick the boys sang me ‘Soft Kitty’ (Big Bang Theory) in a round and I got on. Then Ali decided it would be fun to wrap me up in the fabric again, just like every other time but from head to toe. I couldn’t move an inch but it was fun to try and do a few takes like it, soon after I needed to get out and called Ali in to unwrap me (it wasΒ thatΒ tight). So what does he do? He picks me up by the legs, the girl with no balance. I fell backwards, narrowly missing a chair, and smacked my head. All the boys heard was a thump and then a squeal. Even now I have a stiff neck and a lump on my head! After crying and feeling pretty crappy the boys decided to do their backing vocals and oh my it sounded amazing. I never knew how well harmonies would work. You all have something amazing to look forward too!

Right now though I need to get some sleep finally and hopefully my head will feel better in the morning!

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