Hometown girls



Grace, Me and Lucy 

Unexpectedly I ended up meeting up wit not one but two of my hometown girls and some of the oldest friends I have in Basingstoke. I’ve known Grace since I was 10 and Lucy since I was 13. We don’t get to meet up that often but it’s fun when we do. Now Grace is finally old enough we are able to pop down to the pub for a drink and a chat rather than having to sit in McDonalds for hours on end. 

It was nice to catch up with them both, properly meet Lucy’s boyfriend and of course Ali was there too. We ended up reminiscing about school and how different we used to be. Sometimes I feel down being at home, seeing people I don’t want to see or just feeling lonely sometimes when I only have my family for company. Today was different I’m excited and happy and it’s been nice to see some old friends, especially as both of them are starting new things. Lucy is finally getting into the job she wants and Grace will be  off to uni herself in September, despite how much I worry about her I know she’ll be fine. 

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