Why I Moved Back To My Home Town

When I moved to Kingston back in 2013, a lot of people thought I wasn’t going to come back. I absolutely loved Kingston, I loved being 20 minutes from Waterloo but still only an hour from home. I didn’t have to bump into people that I went to school with, or be defined by mistakes I made. It sounds a bit silly but it was important to me at the time.

Kingston Life

So if all was so rosy, why did I come back? Surely there would be more job opportunities in the city, I loved the place so it would make sense to stay and that was the plan. Then Ali and I started looking at rent and realised pretty quickly with graduate salaries we weren’t going to be able to live somewhere nice. Whereas, at home, we could get so much more space for our money.

We came back and I got a job locally and the thought of commuting to London filled me with dread, and that’s before I understood Fibro! With every year that passed, we got further and further from moving back to Kingston. Staying here I have family around for when Ali goes on tour and we have more of a chance of getting a house at some point.

For such a long time I felt like moving back to my home town made me a failure. I came back, did it really prove anything? I’ll probably end up having my children in the same hospital I was born in, I see people I’ve known since I was a child on a regular basis. Did this mean I haven’t lived?

And really, I don’t think so. I think I needed to move away to know who I was, to grow up and let go of what I was holding on to from when I was younger. Now I’m back, I couldn’t imagine moving again. I love having my family in the same town, that I have my friends and my life here. These things have become more important than ever for me since Ali started touring.

I’m interested, have you stayed in your home town? Did you move away? Let me know!

Hometown girls



Grace, Me and Lucy 

Unexpectedly I ended up meeting up wit not one but two of my hometown girls and some of the oldest friends I have in Basingstoke. I’ve known Grace since I was 10 and Lucy since I was 13. We don’t get to meet up that often but it’s fun when we do. Now Grace is finally old enough we are able to pop down to the pub for a drink and a chat rather than having to sit in McDonalds for hours on end. 

It was nice to catch up with them both, properly meet Lucy’s boyfriend and of course Ali was there too. We ended up reminiscing about school and how different we used to be. Sometimes I feel down being at home, seeing people I don’t want to see or just feeling lonely sometimes when I only have my family for company. Today was different I’m excited and happy and it’s been nice to see some old friends, especially as both of them are starting new things. Lucy is finally getting into the job she wants and Grace will be  off to uni herself in September, despite how much I worry about her I know she’ll be fine.