My Sunday in Pictures: Young Adult Literature Festival and pub time with the girls

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Although I’m still sniffly I made it out today to the YA Literature Festival with Joe! I bought lots of books, got involved in a lively debate, met a lovely author and some fantastic publishers (which now means the help of publishing work experience hopefully). After that dumping my bags and off to the pub to meet the girls whilst Aline is in the UK!


The panel of authors debating gender in popular culture, which I got involved in.


My stash of books that I bought today for £35…Oops! 

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Eleanor and I at the pub.

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Aline, Dani and Eleanor in where else…Spoons! 

One step at a time



Phil, Ben, Alyssa and Laura 

I’m back! After a few days of quiet and thinking I took to getting out there again. Thursday’s post Outside meant opening up about something I hadn’t been comfortable with. It has been an up and down weekend which has been really frustrating. I want to be out, be happy and not have to think of worry but that’s not always the way this works. 

I met up with my mentor and talked through things that I needed to and started trying to put together a plan with the idea of taking everything one step at a time. This month has been hectic and has had so many changes it’s not surprising I’ve been feeling up and down. Now I’m focused on getting through it all with the support of my friends, family and of course Ali. 

Tonight I was a little worried about going to the pub it went from just being me, Ali and Ben to a whole big group of people. I felt a little anxious, would I be ok? Would the pub be ok? I went and had an absolute blast! I knew the others from Kingston Hill and got to know some of the people on Ali’s course better. They’re really great people and we had so much fun! I can see a lot of nights out in the future with Dan and Rhys’ housemates and a lot of visits too! 

I’m proving to myself that just one step at a time, taking it day by day I can get better, I will get better. I’m feeling hopeful.

The Pub.

I left for the pub this afternoon feeling pretty down, I came back and remembered why it’s such a special place. No, I’m not drunk. I like the pub more than clubs because you can just sit and talk, you can sort things out with or without a pint and it’s a relaxed atmosphere. The band needed to bond today (well 4 of us, Dan’s still away) and although I was hesitant at first I went (while gaining a compliment on the way in, putting me in a better mood). We talked and things got sorted out that we’re previously really worrying. With all the heavy stuff behind us we were able to just relax and have fun and now I’m planning a trip to the US of A while the boys go and watch a film. The pubs worked it’s magic again. 

Hometown girls



Grace, Me and Lucy 

Unexpectedly I ended up meeting up wit not one but two of my hometown girls and some of the oldest friends I have in Basingstoke. I’ve known Grace since I was 10 and Lucy since I was 13. We don’t get to meet up that often but it’s fun when we do. Now Grace is finally old enough we are able to pop down to the pub for a drink and a chat rather than having to sit in McDonalds for hours on end. 

It was nice to catch up with them both, properly meet Lucy’s boyfriend and of course Ali was there too. We ended up reminiscing about school and how different we used to be. Sometimes I feel down being at home, seeing people I don’t want to see or just feeling lonely sometimes when I only have my family for company. Today was different I’m excited and happy and it’s been nice to see some old friends, especially as both of them are starting new things. Lucy is finally getting into the job she wants and Grace will be  off to uni herself in September, despite how much I worry about her I know she’ll be fine. 

The first night out, nerves as well!!


The thought of going out has been playing on my mind now for about a month. Bekkie and I had discussed going to cheese night this weekend but when we came to discussing it I felt awful. I’d hardly slept due to noise in the flat/building, I was exhausted and ended up bursting into tears over absolutely nothing and so we decided that we’d go home have a nap and go from there.  After talking to my tutor I was starting to feel better and ended up sleeping for 3 hours when I got back, after a bite to eat I was ready to give it a go.

I was stressed I wont lie, I’d never properly done this before well not in clubs anyway. We ended up going with my flatmate Christie and some other friends and headed to the pub first, which had now evolved to a club atmosphere. We ordered some drinks and were getting ready to head into the club opposite. The problem however was the boys. Now we’re a group of fairly attractive girls so it wasn’t unheard of for boys to try and dance with us, I however made sure they wouldn’t get the wrong idea. Normally if they see a ring on your finger (even if it you buy it yourself, make it look like an engagement ring) most of the time it will work tonight it didn’t. Some of the guys were nice and just looking to chat  (well I thought so) some were complete idiots and would not take no for an answer especially the old ones who pretended they were in their twenties. You’re not fooling anyone, give up old men who are double my age.

Despite the fun however I started feeling really poorly and my kidneys started to ache. After not being back long I didn’t want to push it and Bekkie didn’t feel like the club either. So we left and went to McDonalds. So it might not have been a wild night but I tried.

I’ll try again next time 😉